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Concurrency in Version 3 of the AWS SDK for PHP

From executing API commands in the background to grouping commands and waiters into concurrent pools, version 3 of the AWS SDK for PHP lets you write asynchronous code that blocks only when you need it to. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to take advantage of some of the SDK’s concurrency abstractions, including […]

Guzzle 4 and the AWS SDK

Since Guzzle 4 was released in March (and even before then), we’ve received several requests for us to update the AWS SDK for PHP to use Guzzle 4. Earlier this month, we tweeted about it too and received some pretty positive feedback about the idea. We wanted to take some time to talk about what […]

Receiving Amazon SNS Messages in PHP

The following post details how to use version 2 of the AWS SDK for PHP to receive and validate HTTP(S) messages from Amazon SNS. For a guide on how to do so with version 3 of the SDK, please see our updated post. Handling inbound Amazon SNS notification messages with PHP is simple. In this […]

Wire Logging in the AWS SDK for PHP

One of the features of the AWS SDK for PHP that I often recommend to customers is the LogPlugin, that can be used to do wire logging. It is one of the many plugins included with Guzzle, which is the underlying HTTP library used by the SDK. Guzzle’s LogPlugin includes a default configuration that will […]