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Preview the AWS Resource APIs for PHP

This year is just about over, but we are too excited to wait until the new year to share with you a feature we are developing for the AWS SDK for PHP. We are calling it the AWS Resource APIs for PHP. This feature is maintained as a separate package, but it acts as an […]

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Using Resources

With the recent 2.0 stable release of the aws-sdk-core gem, we started publishing preview releases of aws-sdk-resources. Until the preview status is released, you will need to use the –pre flag to install this gem: gem install aws-sdk-resources –pre In bundler, you should give the full version: # update the version as needed gem ‘aws-sdk-resources’, […]

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Version 2 Resource Interfaces

In version 1 of the AWS SDK for Ruby provides a 1-to-1 client class for each AWS service. For many services it also provides a resource-oriented interface. These resource objects use the client to provide a more natural object-oriented experience when working with AWS APIs. We are busy working resource interfaces for the v2 Ruby […]

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