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Now Available – Lumberyard Beta 1.8, Introducing the Cloud Gems Framework

We’re excited to announce the release of Lumberyard Beta 1.8, which you can download here. This release contains over 234 new improvements, fixes, and features, and introduces Cloud Gems Framework, a new framework designed to help you build popular cloud-connected features in as little as 30 minutes with one engineer. As AWS, we are fortunate to […]

New Cloud features and improved workflows in Lumberyard Beta 1.3

In his post, Hao Chen covered HDR, VR, and other graphics improvements in Lumberyard Beta 1.3, available for download here. I wanted to tell you a bit more about some of the other 130 improvements, fixes, and features this update includes. Our character team has updated the FBX Importer with the ability to import multiple […]