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AWS features Amazon HealthLake Imaging at RSNA22

RSNA22 2022

Medical imaging plays a powerful role in diagnosis, treatment plans, and even medical research. To better help healthcare customers leverage imaging to deliver patient-centered care, AWS will be presenting  purpose-built medical imaging solutions at RSNA22 in Chicago that can help improve clinical collaboration and accelerate innovation.

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2022 is the largest medical imaging forum in the world, bringing together senior leaders, including provider organizations, enterprises, startups, clinicians, vendors, and researchers from 116+ countries. This year’s theme is ‘Empowering Patients and Partners in Care’, and will illustrate the dynamic role imaging plays in disease management, multidisciplinary collaboration, and patient care. RSNA annual conference will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago, November 27-December 1, 2022.

Find AWS on the Show Floor (Booth #6958)

AWS speaking engagements

Panel: Radiology AI Innovation: Academics vs Industry | November 27, 1:00 PM | Lakeside Center, Level 4, E450A

AWS speaker: Dr. Rowland Illing, Director & CMO for International Public Sector Health

Educational Courses

The panel will describe how researchers and radiologists can best leverage tech industry partners to accelerate their research, providing real-world examples of how this has taken place internationally. They will describe the next generation of imaging AI capabilities that will be coming to market, and how the audience will be able to leverage these in the future. This panel discussion will include Dr. Mona Flores, Global Head of Medical AI at NVIDIA, and Dr. Nikos Papanikolaou, Computational Clinical Imaging Group Lead at the Champalimaud Foundation & Machine Learning Imaging Lead at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London. It will be chaired by Dr. Rowland Illing, Director & Chief Medical Officer, International Public Sector Health at AWS and Hon Assoc Prof at UCL, London. Learn more

Panel: Medical imaging moves to the cloud | November 30, 9:00 AM | South Building, Level 1, S102CD

AWS speaker: Chris Hafey, Principal Product Manager

Corporate Symposium

In this session, hear how healthcare organizations are working with AWS to modernize their medical imaging strategies and solutions for the long term, focused on patient outcomes. Learn how Amazon HealthLake Imaging, a new purpose-built capability, is empowering radiologists, health systems, and research teams reduce the total cost of medical imaging storage up to 40% by running their medical imaging applications from a single, authoritative copy of patient imaging data in the cloud. This panel discussion will include Dr. Eliot Siegel, Professor and Vice Chair of Research Information Systems, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Mathias Prokop, Professor of Radiology and Chairman of the Department of Medical Imaging at Radboudumc, and Jon Robinson, Director of Product Management, Intelerad. The panel will be chaired by Chris Hafey, Principal Product Manager, AWS. Learn more

Workshop: Accelerate your AI-based medical imaging research with MONAI Core on Amazon SageMaker | December 1, 9:00 AM | Lakeside Center, Level 3, Deep Learning Lab

AWS speakers: Dr. Christopher Austin, Alex Lemm, and Steven Fu

Educational Courses

Artificial Intelligence has been proven to support radiologist clinical decision making and to help reduce doctor burnout. Amazon SageMaker is end-to-end data science platform to build, train, and run machine learning models. MONAI Core is a PyTorch-based, open-source library for deep learning training of medical imaging models. In this workshop, researchers and data scientists will learn how MONAI Core running on SageMaker lets them explore more deep neural network architectures, more hyperparameters, and more hypotheses compared to static on-premises infrastructure for medical imaging workloads. They will also learn how to use the open source ITKWidgets library as part of the data science preprocessing phase to create interactive 3D medical image visualizations directly in Jupyter notebooks. Learn more

AWS Demonstrations

Amazon HealthLake Imaging: On November 15, 2022 AWS announced Amazon HealthLake Imaging (HealthLake Imaging), a new HIPAA-eligible capability that enables healthcare providers and their software partners to store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale.

Find out how Amazon HealthLake Imaging enables fast access to medical imaging data with sub-second image retrieval latencies and provides up to a 40% reduction in storage costs by employing advanced compression—storing a single copy of medical images in the cloud.

Featured AWS Customers and Partners:

  • Alara Imaging – Alara Imaging will be presenting their ability to self-provision and deploy its Gateway in under five minutes with a single command line, de-identify private health information on-premises, securely transfer medical imaging data to Amazon HealthLake Imaging, query on-premise image archives for image retrieval to HealthLake Imaging, and push images back to local PACS from HealthLake Imaging.
  • ApolloEI – The Apollo arcc solution, hosted on AWS and leveraging the Amazon HealthLake Imaging technology, combines DICOM image management and viewing on a single pane of glass. Using Amazon S3 with Apollo arcc allows the showing of DICOM and non-DICOM simultaneously. Two patients, each containing historical imaging information, will be used to demonstrate its smooth navigation using timelines and worklists, and fast display of images in multiple viewports.
  • Arterys – Learn how Arterys offers radiology departments a dedicated AI medical imaging cloud platform to deploy and manage clinical applications and AI workflow solutions—addressing the cost, complexity, and challenges of managing medical imaging data, analysis, and reporting. Also, learn more about how Arterys empowers radiologists with AI-driven workflow for better clinical decisions in cancer patients.
  • Axial3D – Axial3D will be demonstrating how they are leveraging Amazon HealthLake Imaging as part of their future plans to manage medical image data as part of developing new machine learning algorithms—accelerating medical imaging innovation and enabling increased availability and reliability.
  • CoreSlicer – CoreSlicer will engage users in an experience where they can select CT or MR imaging cases to analyze. They can select one of CoreSlicer’s deep learning models to run (body composition, cardiovascular calcification, and more), and be presented with a graphical report which can be saved or shared. Optionally, they can choose to view and edit the source images.
  • Intelerad – RSNA attendees can visit the Intelerad team at booth #6107 and the AWS team at booth #6958 to receive a demo of Amazon HealthLake Imaging. Intelerad will be showcasing how its Enterprise Viewer (EV) product, a zero-footprint mobile and desktop diagnostic viewer, can stream images from its Cloud Long-Term Archive (Cloud LTA) solution. During the demo, the Intelerad Viewer will seamlessly access studies from local PACS, from Intelerad’s Cloud LTA, and directly from the global Amazon HealthLake Imaging platform. This demo highlights the speed and efficiency of the solutions and Intelerad’s ability to flexibly support multiple archives in a single seamless experience.
  • Nvidia – The NVIDIA MONAI-Amazon HealthLake Imaging demonstration shows medical imaging AI at enterprise speed, security, and scale. MONAI is a framework for developing accelerated medical AI applications with SDKs for labeling, training, and inference for many different use cases, including classification, segmentation, and detection across radiology, pathology, and video. There are two demonstrations implemented by using Amazon SageMaker—the first showing breast density classification, and the second showing spleen 3D segmentation. Images stored on HealthLake Imaging are sent to a deployed MONAI Deploy application (called a MAP), where inference is performed and results sent back for display.
  • Radboudumc – Radboud University Medical Center aims to bridge the gap between clinic and research departments around the world. At RSNA, we will showcase Grand Challenge Connect (GCC) on AWS, which builds on Amazon HealthLake Imaging to deliver Medical AI capabilities and enables researchers and clinicians to closely collaborate on the development of machine learning solutions.
  • Radical Imaging – Radical Imaging will be demonstrating FlexView, a zero-footprint medical imaging web viewer connected to Amazon HealthLake Imaging. The focus will be to show off how fast HealthLake Imaging can provide the images into the viewer, offering the user low-latency access to their imaging studies. Once in the viewer, we will demonstrate useful features of FlexView for building custom tools and workflows, further adding to the value of their data stored in HealthLake Imaging.
  • RAIL – RAIL will demonstrate how Amazon HealthLake Imaging can be used to build AI-augmented, cloud-native data infrastructure for healthcare institutions that is smarter, faster, and cheaper. Key functionalities include data integrity monitoring by AI-enabled auditing of metadata, near real-time mapping of relationships among historic studies for clinical workflow, and automatic lifecycle management for cost optimization.
  • University of Maryland Medical Intelligent Imaging (UM2ii) Center Research – The team at UM2ii will be demonstrating the advantage of using Amazon HealthLake Imaging’s unique tools from the perspective of an academic research innovation center. We will present a broad overview to help enable radiology AI centers to adopt HealthLake Imaging for accelerated, cost-effective, bandwidth optimized, and computationally efficient cloud imaging for radiology at scale.
  • VIDA – VIDA will be demonstrating its integration with Amazon HealthLake Imaging to solve DICOM sharing and management challenges. The VIDA Intelligence Portal orchestrates imaging operations associated with clinical trials, empowering trial sites to produce high quality data with ease.

Cloud migration and visualization: Explore solutions for migrating imaging data to the cloud to optimize costs, improve performance, and ensure compliance and resiliency.

Imaging AI: Discover solutions that unlock medical imaging data to speed diagnosis, fuel innovation, develop personalized treatments, and predict healthcare events—accelerating the move toward proactive, personalized medicine.

Multi-modal data integration: Dive into solutions that tap into the power of multi-modal health data to generate insights that advance precision medicine and scientific discoveries

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Monty Zarrouk

Monty Zarrouk

Monty Zarrouk is responsible for healthcare industry marketing at AWS. Prior to joining AWS, Monty has developed and executed GTM plans and led creative product marketing projects from ideation through launch with various data management, analytics and cloud computing technology providers. Monty holds an MBA from McGill University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver.