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Simplify seismic data management and improve decision-making using serverless solutions

Major oil and gas companies are likely to have seismic data spanning decades and consuming Petabytes (PBs) of storage. This seismic data is often stored across a variety of different storage mediums depending on operational requirements, including: Network-Attached Storage (NAS), Magnetic tapes and USB devices. This data management approach has led to seismic data duplication for both individual companies and the overall industry. Some of this data duplication is intentional for vital operational requirements, like data backup. However, data duplication also occurs because of inefficiencies caused by disconnected storage mediums, manual data management practices, and the inability to reliably know what data the company has.

The main challenges facing companies are:

• Knowing what seismic data is available within a geographic location.
• Knowing the data type, format, and quality that has been archived.
• Insufficient metadata to reliably determine whether the seismic data meets a geoscientist’s requirements.

This whitepaper focuses on Osokey’s serverless solution for addressing these challenges using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architecture to ingest seismic data at any scale, from individual files to enterprise scale, by deploying four main components:

1. Storage: Amazon S3 for storing SEG-Y and SEG-D as objects.
2. Compute: AWS Lambda for extracting metadata from the seismic objects.
3. Database: Amazon DynamoDB for storing the extracted metadata.
4. Search: Amazon Athena, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda.

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Don Bulmer

Don Bulmer

Don Bulmer leads AWS industry marketing for Energy – Oil and Gas. Before joining AWS, Don was a VP and Executive Partner at Gartner responsible for building the company's advisory business for Chief Marketing Executives supporting clients across oil & gas, utilities, financial services, healthcare, retail, CPG, media, higher education, and manufacturing industries. Don also held executive marketing, communication, and brand strategy roles at Shell, SAP, and various Internet and entertainment start-up companies.