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SMART on FHIR authentication flow with HealthLake

Enhanced interoperability with SMART on FHIR support in Amazon HealthLake

Introduction From its launch in July 2021, Amazon HealthLake has provided secure access through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). AWS recently launched new FHIR API capabilities on Amazon HealthLake including support for SMART on FHIR 1.0.0. With the support for SMART on FHIR, HealthLake now offers authorization based on the SMART framework using FHIR scopes […]

Enrich Amazon Comprehend Medical with Custom Code and Models

Enrich Amazon Comprehend Medical with Custom Code and Models

Extracting important information from unstructured medical texts (e.g., transcribed physician notes) is a key step in understanding the content of such documents, yet many healthcare and life sciences organizations struggle with this. Manually extracting the data is a time-consuming process, while automated rule-based attempts to extract the data don’t capture the full story as they […]

Creating a Hands-Free Voice Assistant at Houston Methodist with AWS

Hospital systems are dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging environments to manage. There are vastly different areas from emergency departments to walk-in clinics, where seamless, secure, and efficient interactions must occur in order to achieve optimal patient satisfaction, care delivery, staff productivity, and the utmost safety. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) […]