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Revive lost revenue feature card

Revive lost revenue from bad ecommerce search using Natural Language Processing

Ecommerce sites are supposed to be prompt, precise and above all, user-friendly. Yet, their search performance history reveals an unsatisfactory reality for shoppers and retailers. According to Baymard Institute, “61% of all ecommerce sites show search results that are misaligned to users’ searches,” forcing shoppers to either enter a new search or abandon their old […]

Deriving AI/ML-driven insights from healthcare data using Amazon HealthLake

Derive AI/ML-driven insights from healthcare data using Amazon HealthLake

Last year, we announced Amazon HealthLake, a new HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to securely store, transform, query, analyze, and share health data in the cloud, at petabyte scale. We launched HealthLake to address one of the key challenges that the health industry – from healthcare payers to life […]

How to find key geoscience terms in text without mastering NLP using Amazon Comprehend

Geosemantics is the application of linguistic techniques to geoscience. Geoscientists often have access to more reports than they can reasonably read so they are commonly challenged in filtering through reports to find relevant information (for example, this report about the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring shale plays. Traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques such as Named […]