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Your Guide to SPS 2021: AWS integration throughout the digital automation industry


The SPS (Smart Production Solutions) conference is just a few weeks away. Join AWS on-site in Nuremberg, Germany with our AWS Partners to learn from industry professionals, watch demonstrations, and engage with companies that feature AWS services as a valuable part of their digital automation solutions. Attend the speaking sessions and watch the on-demand topics. Visit with us as we’d like to meet you in-person at the Softing, CloudRail and autosen booths.

AWS continues to drive innovation throughout the digital automation at SPS, enabling sensors to gain intelligence and extend capabilities for manufacturing worldwide. Join and watch informative sessions featuring AWS speakers with topics including Reinvent operations and the Digital transformation playbook, How to empower an intelligent shop floor with AWS, and Insight on accelerating your smart industrial digital transformation journey using AWS IoT SiteWise.


Reinvent operations and the digital transformation playbook
November 24, 2021 @ 15:40 – 16:00 (CET)
Joseph Rosing, Worldwide Business Development Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, AWS
Live on the Innovation Stage

Key to accelerating time to value of Industrie 4.0 digital transformation is a modular, microservice approach to your industrial data platform that enables you to create ingest mechanisms for IT and OT data, store that data with a cost efficient, purpose-built data lakehouse strategy, and experiment quickly with industrial AI/ML use cases. Avoid the pitfalls of implementing monolithic applications or individual point solutions, which add yet another data silo to your environment. Instead, join this AWS session to learn how to leverage solution accelerators, managed industrial services, and integrated partner solutions that create common patterns across the enterprise and empower you scale success.

Empowering the intelligent shop floor with AWS
November 23, 2021 @ 12:25 – 12:45 (CET)
Mike Rohrmoser, Segment Lead, IoT Edge Devices and Partner Solutions, AWS
On-Demand and available through December 3, 2021

This session covers how AWS IoT and AWS Partners can help customers simplify delivering data-driven manufacturing solutions from edge to outcome. From the ingestion of data (sensor metrics, reference and transactional) using AWS IoT Greengrass on the edge, data storage (raw, refined), processing of data (standardize, contextualize), to outcome through analysis and visualization of data sets and models. You will learn more about how a customer was able to optimize their production processes, resulting in efficiency gains, significant return on investment, and even increased employee happiness.

Accelerating your smart industrial digital transformation journey using AWS IoT SiteWise
November 24, 2021 | 12:25 – 12:45 (CET)
Asim Kumar Sasmal, Global Head, Industrial Solutions Delivery, AWS
On-Demand and available through December 3, 2021

Manufacturing and Industrial customers only realize partial value of their data due to much of it being untapped in silos into on-premises machines and equipment or in proprietary data storage that are often not scalable or does not provide a single source of truth for better and faster insights. Join our session to discover how to leverage AWS IoT SiteWise to build secure, cost-effective, and reliable Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions at the edge and in the cloud that simplify and automate the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing industrial data at scale across multiple sites. It’s time to optimize operations, improve productivity, and reduce downtime with data-driven insights.

View the complete hybrid lecture program for SPS 2021 here.


Visit the AWS kiosks in booths with our AWS Partners, Softing, CloudRail and autosen to host demos. Each provide an opportunity to meet with AWS and learn more about our partners’ solutions. Learn more about how Softing operates at the Industrial Edge. See how CloudRail can connect industrial sensors in less than a minute. Discover how autosen simplifies use of industrial sensors.

Softing Industrial Edge with AWS
AWS kiosk in the Softing booth, Hall 5

More innovation for the manufacturing sector is being brought to SPS by Softing. Visit and watch them showcase their two Connectivity Solution product lines, including Softing Edge Connector and Softing Smartlink. Learn about driving productivity with data insights using AWS QuickStart for the Softing Edge Connector Siemens and AWS IoT Connectivity integration. Gain insights into SmartLink HW-DP, a compact industrial and HART IP compatible integration tool for Industry 4.0 connectivity for PROFIBUS DP networks.

We welcome you to engage with us and see a demonstration at the Softing booth.

AWS kiosk in the CloudRail booth, Hall 5

Learn how to connect industrial sensors to AWS quickly—in less than a minute. During your visit you will learn how Cloudrail provides a cloud-based device management solution enabling enterprises to securely launch, manage and update globally distributed edge devices. Discover support for industrial IO-Link sensors from IFM, Turck, SICK, Pepperl+Fuchs, Omron, and Contrinex and learn how they utilize AWS services including AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT SiteWise or AWS IoT Greengrass.

You’re invited to discover more and watch a demonstration in the CloudRail booth.

AWS kiosk in the autosen booth, Hall 5

Discover a public preview from autosen gmbh and AWS. Learn about the integration of autosen io-key, apollo and AWS Cloud Services. See how to set up secondary sensor technology in minutes using the AWS Cloud. autosen simplifies how enterprise customers and their partners use industrial-grade sensors in operations and provide options to build custom solutions for data visualization, real-time analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning using AWS cloud services.

Discover innovations, learn more, and see a demonstration in the autosen booth.


Come meet AWS at SPS. Show attendees are welcome to learn more about using AWS and our AWS Partners’ solutions as an integral part of a digital journey by taking part in the live sessions, on-demand sessions, and visiting AWS Partner booths. We look forward to meeting you.

Miriam Kutcher

Miriam Kutcher

Miriam leads global marketing for Industrial AWS Partners. Miriam defines and builds the global partner marketing strategy aligned to Industrial and IIoT services and solutions, executing integrated campaign strategies and developing and delivering joint go-to-market plans with our strategic Industrial AWS Partners. Prior to AWS Miriam has over 20 years of marketing experience and was the founder and president of a consumer products company with patented IoT-enabled solutions for families, giving her direct manufacturing insights and experiences from product design and engineering to supply chain management.