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Embedded World 2024: Accelerate innovation from edge to cloud with AWS

Although mostly invisible, embedded systems are ubiquitous in our everyday lives, powering applications, such as smart home automation or industrial control systems. At the upcoming Embedded World 2024 trade fair, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will showcase its latest innovations and solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), tailored towards the embedded industry. Join us as we explore the transformative power of the cloud in the embedded world and discover how AWS can accelerate your projects and time to market.

Date: 9-11th April 2024
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Booth: Hall 4, Booth 4-552

The intend of this blog post is to give you a brief overview over the AWS booth experience at Embedded World 2024 and our planned speaking sessions.

AWS Booth Experience

The AWS booth at Embedded World 2024 is staffed with AWS experts who are happy to talk to you. Our booth will feature an extensive program of informative presentations and hands-on workshops. You will also find a range of demos illustrating AWS’s cutting-edge IoT capabilities and how we can help you to securely enable connectivity and intelligence for your embedded devices.

One of our demos will illustrate the amalgamation of generative AI, IoT, and robotics technologies working in tandem to showcase the value of smart, automated routines through IoT data. This demo will feature two robotic arms engaging in a competitive game of chess against each other. With a combination of advanced artificial intelligence and industrial control algorithms, the robotic arms are able to exhibit human-like reasoning and complex decision patterns when making their moves.

Another demo will showcase a connected vehicle cockpit, featuring advanced sensor technologies integrated with AWS. Sit in a real car and embark on a drive through a virtual city, where you’ll witness AWS’s connected car vision in action. The car’s sensors, linked through AWS IoT services, will provide near real-time data and help you navigate through the virtual environment.

AWS works together with variety of partners to help customers to accelerate their hardware development cycles. You will have the chance to see inspiring demos from the following partners at our booth: ThingLogix, Avnet, u-blox, dSpace, Semtech, Seeed, Klika-Tech, Espressif, Infineon, and Volansys.

AWS IoT Workshop

If you’re interested in gaining hands-on experience in building an IoT product, you can sign up for our Securely connect Demo Badge to the AWS Cloud workshop, which will take place on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, at 2:00 PM (CET) in Nuremberg Messe, NCC Mitte, Munchen 2. In this workshop, you’ll get the chance to learn about various AWS IoT connectivity options, such as MQTT, BLE, and Amazon Sidewalk, as well as how to implement over-the-air updates, sensor data ingestion, and digital twin technology.

AWS Speaking Session Schedule (Exhibitor’s Forum & embedded world Conference)

In addition to the AWS booth, AWS will also offer a series of informative presentations led by subject matter experts. These presentations will cover a wide range of topics related to embedded systems, hardware engineering, and cutting-edge technologies. Please consult the speaking session schedule below for details.

Collect, store, and analyze vehicle data with AWS IoT FleetWise

Speaker: Nenad Ilic, Senior Software Development Engineer
Date: 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM (CET) | April 9, 2024
Location: Exhibitor’s Forum Hall 5-210

Abstract: In this session, learn how AWS IoT FleetWise accelerates signal and vision data collection for automakers and automotive solutions. Vehicle  data is often crafted for specific vehicle makes and models, which makes data  analysis and reuse challenging across vehicle fleets. AWS IoT FleetWise uses the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) to normalize data for business decision system integration, machine learning and generative AI, simulation, virtual ECU testing, and confidential computing. Discover how a simple in-vehicle integration with the AWS Cloud can help you get the data you need to be successful in your automotive business transformation journey.

Automate ML model deployment and training on edge devices

Speaker: Tamil Jayakumar, Prototyping Engineer
Date: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM (CET) | April 9, 2024
Location: Exhibitor’s Forum Hall 3-561

Abstract: Deploying machine learning (ML) models directly on resource-constrained edge devices enables low-latency and secure inferencing but presents challenges in managing updates and retraining. In this session, explore techniques you can use to automate model deployment, updating, and retraining using Amazon SageMaker and AWS IoT Greengrass. Learn how to train models for the edge, set up CI/CD pipelines, distribute models to large fleets, handle updates, capture device data for retraining, and redeploy models without manual steps. Discover a repeatable approach to keep ML models at the edge accurate through automated retraining cycles.

Talk to your fleet: Enabling conversational operations using generative AI

Speaker: Ulrich Hinze, Solutions Architect
Date: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM (CET) | April 9, 2024
Location: Exhibitor’s Forum Hall 3A-631

Abstract: In this session, learn about patterns that you can apply to operate IoT device fleets using natural language. Discover how you can use large language models to inspect and visualize data from IoT data stores and transform user input into technical commands that modify the device state. Learn how you can combine different AWS services to implement these patterns in a scalable manner.

The next generation of smart home solutions powered by AWS IoT

Speaker: Olivier Bernard, WW GTM Specialist
Date: 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM (CET) | April 9, 2024
Location: Exhibitor’s Forum Hall 5-210

Abstract: Globally, consumers are increasingly turning to connected devices to improve their quality of life through digital experiences, whether it is remotely controlling and monitoring appliances or using AI assistants to automate simple, monotonous tasks. In this session, discover how AWS IoT Core is helping organizations embrace new technologies and specifications, such as Matter, Amazon Sidewalk, and AI, to build cost-effective and future-ready smart home solutions. Learn how Nestle is enabling unique and differentiated value propositions through a “one consumer” IoT platform.

FreeRTOS: Simplified IoT connections for 8-bit microcontrollers, PCs & more

Speaker: Richard Barry, Head of IoT Technology Strategy Amazon Web Services / FreeRTOS
Date: 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM (CET) | April 9, 2024
Location: Exhibitor’s Forum Hall 5-210

Abstract: In this session, learn about recent updates to the FreeRTOS project. Then, through a demonstration, experience how FreeRTOS products enable secure cloud connectivity for various device designs, regardless of their available processor and memory resources. The demo uses two approaches for connectivity and then compares the benefits of each approach. First, explore FreeRTOS’s open source, decoupled, and unopinionated C libraries to connect the latest security-focused microcontroller architecture. The second approach demonstrates the simplicity and convenience of using AWS IoT ExpressLink to connect a microcontroller with only 8 kilobytes of RAM. Learn the advantages of both approaches for various high-value IoT device functionalities, including secure boot, X.509 certificate provisioning, and over-the-air firmware updates.

Integrating A/B Testing and Feature Toggles in IoT Applications Deployed at Edge

Speaker: Alina Dima, Senior Developer Advocate
Date: 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM (CET) | April 9, 2024
Location: NCC Ost Convention Centre

Abstract: A/B testing or experimentation, along with feature toggles, are well known techniques used in Mobile, Web and Server-Side application engineering, to drive and validate feature development, using a scientific approach to decision making. However, these techniques are not commonly used for IoT software deployed at Edge. External factory, such as connectivity, influence IoT applications at Edge. These applications do not run in an entirely controlled environment. Feature releases can be slowed down by rigorous testing requirements, security, functional safety etc. Feature flags and A/B testing enable incremental releases of new features using data-driven approaches and proving that features work as expected. Controlled experiments ran on target IoT device groups help assess the impact of new releases. Decisions around feature launches across large device fleets can be reached using experiment outcomes. In this paper, we dive deep into experimentation driven development in the context of IoT features deployed at Edge. We look at benefits and challenges, industry relevance and applicability. We explore practical approaches to integrating experimentation tools into MQTT-based IoT applications, from design to a concrete implementation, demonstrate how to run controlled experiments for new IoT features and evaluate their success based on performance metrics.

Matter Protocol Unwrapped: Unleashing the Potential of Smart Homes – A One-Year Retrospective

Speaker: Channa Samynathan, Senior Specialist Solutions Architect in IoT & Robotics
Date: 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM (CET) | April 10, 2024
Location: NCC Ost Convention Centre

Abstract: The Matter protocol, spearheaded by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), emerged as a transformative force in the realm of smart home technology. This talk delves into the profound impact that Matter has had on the smart home ecosystem one year after its inception. We will explore how Matter, with its promise of seamless interoperability and enhanced security, has fostered a new era of innovation and integration among smart devices. From improved user experiences to a surge in cross-vendor compatibility, this retrospective analysis offers valuable insights into the burgeoning landscape of connected homes. We will dissect the achievements, challenges, and future prospects of Matter and envision the next wave of smart home revolution.

AWS Partner Demos

There will be additional demos integrated throughout the show within various AWS Partner booths. We invite you to stop by at these booths to explore AWS IoT’s value in supporting a range of industry use cases.

Partner Booth Use case
Arm Hall 4, Booth 4-504 Smart city
AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Greengrass, Amazon SageMaker
Avnet Hall 3A, Booth 3A-111 IoT Connect Platform
u-blox Hall 3, Booth 3-319 Autonomous driving
AWS IoT Core
Cognizant Hall 4, Booth 4-104 Adaptive AUTOSAR
STMicro Hall 4A, Booth 4A-148 Smart city
dSPACE Hall 4, Booth 4-327 Automotive simulation
AWS IoT FleetWise
Qualcomm Hall 5, Booth 5-161 Automotive workbench
NXP Semiconductors Hall 4A, Booth 4A-222 Connected vehicles
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Zoi Hall 4, Booth 4-637 Various use cases
ZAVA Tech / Green Custard Hall 4, Booth 4-502b Secure Provisioning
AWS IoT Core

We’re looking forward to meeting you at Embedded World 2024!