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How to: Build virtual environments integrated with Amazon Sumerian

Introduction 2020 showed the importance of having tools and services that allow us to interact in a virtual, efficient, safe, and cost-optimized way; and yet, we often still continue to use traditional platforms. In this post, we show you how to build a serverless, pay-per-use solution that allows users to interact in a virtual environment […]

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Mixed reality agency trigger transports audiences to the world of Jumanji: The next level with Amazon Sumerian

To engage fans and drive excitement around the premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) tapped Los Angeles-based creative agency, Trigger – The Mixed Reality Agency®, to create a unique augmented reality (AR) experience on the web. Trigger, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, has been leveraging Amazon Sumerian to build web […]

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How-to: Create a virtual trainer with Amazon Sumerian virtual reality and Amazon Machine Learning – Part 1

Part 1: Setting up key AWS services like  Amazon Lex, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB Part 2: Creating and exploring Virtual Reality scenes in Amazon Sumerian As technology evolved the transition from the web-based technologies to mobile has been transformative: we moved away from “Point-click-tab-type” to the “touch-swipe-talk” paradigm. Now AR/VR takes a further step […]

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