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Announcing Amazon SES Endpoint in Europe!

The Amazon Simple Email Service team is very excited to announce that SES has expanded into the EU (Ireland) AWS Region. SES has always been a global service, but until today, it was hosted only in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. SES’s expansion into Europe represents the first step in a series of planned region expansions that we hope will provide an improved email sending experience.

Why does this matter to you? Email sending applications based in Europe can achieve reduced network latency by using SES’s EU endpoint instead of making cross-region SES calls to US East.

Here’s what you need to know about using SES in this new region:

  • Production access: You will need to request production access for each region you intend to use. Your existing production access status will remain the same in the US East Region.
  • Quotas: Your sending quota will apply to each region separately. This means that, while your existing quota will remain the same in the US East Region, you will need to separately apply for quota increases in the EU Region as necessary.
  • Domain/email address verification: Your existing domain and email address verification statuses will only be valid for the US East Region. You will have to verify your domains and email addresses separately for the EU Region. This also means that you will need to separately set up DKIM and feedback notifications for your sending identities in the EU Region.
  • Suppression list: If you need to remove an address from the suppression list, you will only need to remove it once and the removal will apply to all Regions.
  • SMTP credentials: Your SMTP credentials are global. You may use the same credentials for all Regions.

For more information, see the SES Developer Guide.

Happy sending, and thanks for using SES!