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Lifesum is using Amazon Mobile Analytics for user engagement and growth

by Waqas Makhdum | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Lifesum is a digital health startup, helping users adopt healthy lifestyles by tracking their diet and exercise. Over 8 million users (and growing) use Lifesum’s iOS and Android apps. When it came to selecting a mobile analytics service to further accelerate their growth and improve overall app experiences, Lifesum looked at several options such as MySQL, Hadoop and other analytics tools.

After evaluation, they decided to use Amazon Mobile Analytics with Amazon Redshift. The solution fits their needs at significantly lower cost when compared with other options. Also data privacy is very important for them – with Amazon Mobile Analytics, Lifesum has full access to their app event data, and they know that their app data is not shared with 3rd parties.

Check out Lifesum’s blog to learn how they are using Amazon Mobile Analytics and Amazon Redshift. For information on setting up Amazon Mobile Analytics and Redshift, visit our documentation.