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Take Your Chatbot Mobile!

With Amazon Lex, any developer can quickly and easily create a chatbot. With AWS Mobile Hub, the same developer can just as easily integrate the bot into a mobile app.

Want to take your bot mobile? Use the Mobile Hub conversational bots feature to create your own mobile bot or import an existing bot into your mobile app. You can build, test, and publish your mobile bot in minutes. No deep learning expertise needed.

How does integration work? Integrate your bot into a fully native mobile app by using a sample bot template or by importing an existing Amazon Lex chatbot into Mobile Hub. Mobile Hub generates a fully functional mobile iOS or Android app, integrated with your bot. The sample mobile app provides the option to interact with your bot with voice or text, and includes built-in authentication provided by Amazon Cognito.

How do I do it?
Here’s how simple it is:

  1. Use Amazon Lex to build a bot or choose from one of the sample bots in Mobile Hub.
  2. Import your bot into Mobile Hub using the conversational bots feature.
  3. Download the generated iOS/Android project code.
  4. Launch your mobile app and start a conversation!

Want to see how others have done it?

The Kelley Blue Book team created their voice-enabled mobile application using Amazon Lex and Mobile Hub. Their bot allows users to interact with their vehicle API using natural spoken language. A simple inquiry like, “Kelley Blue Book, can you tell me the trade-in value for my 2012 Honda Civic?” gets expert car advice from an industry-leading automotive company.

To learn more about The Kelley Blue Book Bot and building your own mobile chatbot, see the post on the AWS AI blog.

We can’t wait to see what you can build with AWS Mobile Hub and Amazon Lex!