Front-End Web & Mobile

Videos are now available for Mobile and IoT sessions!

For those of you who were able to attend AWS re:Invent 2015 or watched our live stream, thanks for participating in the conference. We hope you enjoyed the sessions and conversions.

If you missed a session in your schedule, don’t fret! We have added a large portion of re:Invent content to YouTube, and you can find videos of the Mobile & IoT sessions below.


Mobile Sessions

(MBL202) Mobile State of the Union: Mobile Apps Powered by AWS

(MBL317) NEW! Introducing AWS Mobile Hub

(MBL303) Build Mobile Apps for IoT Devices and IoT Apps for Devices

(MBL307) How Mobile Businesses and Enterprises Use Amazon SNS

(MBL402) Mobile Identity Management & Data Sync Using Amazon Cognito

(MBL309) Analyze Mobile App Data and Build Predictive Applications

(MBL315) How Etsy & IHS Improve Their Apps w/ AWS Device Farm

(DEV203) Amazon API Gateway & AWS Lambda to Build Secure and Scalable APIs

(MBL302) Building Scalable, Serverless Mobile and IoT Back Ends

(GAM401) Build a Serverless Mobile Game with Amazon Cognito, Lambda & DynamoDB


IoT Sessions

(MBL204) State of The Union: IoT Powered by AWS

(MBL314) How Sonos Leverages Amazon Kinesis

(MBL301) Creating Voice Experiences Using Amazon Alexa

(MBL313) New! AWS IoT: Understanding Hardware Kits, SDKs, & Protocols

(MBL311) NEW! AWS IoT: Securely Building, Provisioning, & Using Things

(MBL203) Drones to Cars: Connecting the Devices in Motion to the Cloud

(MBL305) You Have Data from the Devices, Now What?: The Value of the IoT

(MBL308) Extending Alexa’s Built-in Skills. See How Capital One Did It

(MBL205) Everything You Want to Know About IoT

(MBL310) Alexa Voice Service Under the Hood