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Optimizing large-scale migration of SQL Server databases to Amazon EC2 using backup metadata

In this blog post, we explore how the Microsoft SQL Server backup metadata, known as backup headers, can be leveraged when migrating from on premises to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). This technique is particularly useful when access to source database information is non-existent or only backup files are available with no access to […]

Driving cost optimization and modernization of Microsoft workloads on AWS with SoftServe’s application modernization platform

In this blog post, you will learn how SoftServe’s comprehensive assessment strategy, combined with a platform-focused approach, is effectively driving cost optimization and modernization of Microsoft workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their enterprise customers. Founded in 1993, SoftServe is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that helps enterprises solve complex business challenges and […]

Caylent: Helping customers modernize Microsoft SQL Server with purpose-built databases on AWS

“We couldn’t afford to stay on our database platform. But we couldn’t afford the expense of modernizing our data tier either.” This is what Handerson Dutra, Senior Data Architect at Caylent, an AWS Partner, shared with us in a recent conversation about database modernization. “This is a common conundrum with our customers” he added. We […]

Redington Gulf: Scaling Microsoft on AWS assessments with distribution

“We [Redington Gulf] negotiate on behalf of the customer with vendors, such as Microsoft, to achieve cost savings. The experience we have gained over the years working with these vendors has allowed us to help customers at any stage of their cloud journey.” Redington Gulf, a value-added distributor for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the […]

JetSweep: Helping customers build a business continuity strategy for Microsoft workloads with Disaster Recovery as a Service

“With the current geopolitical climate, it’s tough out there, and risks that impact continuity of operations are widespread. Ransomware, supply chain issues, cyberhacking, natural disasters, and human mistakes are just a few of the challenges organizations are facing.” This is what Brian MacDonald, a vice president at JetSweep, shared with me in a recent conversation […]

Rebura: Accelerate SQL Server database modernization with Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

For many organizations, modernization is the message of the moment. They want to get better scalability and save on costs by migrating and modernizing their workloads on cloud. Databases are a key foundational element of modernizing the IT stack, but organizations don’t know where to start. Working with an AWS Partner takes both the technical […]

SourceFuse: Helping enterprises save millions by modernizing their legacy Microsoft Windows workloads on AWS

Many enterprises running legacy Microsoft Windows workloads in their environment spend millions in licensing costs. These enterprises can significantly reduce or eliminate these licensing costs by modernizing their legacy applications running on Windows servers to open source and cloud-first alternatives on AWS. Founded in 2016, SourceFuse is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that helps enterprises […]

Datavail: Migrating and modernizing commercial databases to open-source database engines on AWS

Modernizing commercial databases on AWS helps lowers costs by eliminating punitive licensing contracts and helps improve quality, efficiency, and performance. Datavail, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency, has successfully migrated over 200 database workloads from on premises to AWS. They also help customers modernize their migrated workloads to further reduce costs […]

Data Reply: Modernizing Legacy SQL Server Data Warehouses with AWS

For many organizations, data warehouses have traditionally resided in on-premises data centers. These organizations are now looking to free themselves from the limitations of on-premises data warehouses. Data Reply is a Reply group company, a Premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner that offers a broad range of advanced analytics, AI/ML, and data processing services. Data […]

SoftwareONE: Modernizing on-premises, end-of-support Microsoft workloads on AWS

Headquartered in Switzerland, SoftwareONE helps customers migrate to the cloud and modernize their applications. Its many offerings include Simple for AWS managed services to accelerate migration to the AWS Cloud and the PyraCloud platform for cloud software and spending management. SoftwareONE is an AWS Solution Provider, AWS Public Sector Partner, with AWS Migration Consulting Competency […]