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The Right Way to Store Secrets using Parameter Store

Since 2018, AWS recommends that you secure secrets like passwords, API keys, SSH keys, IAM keys, and other credentials in AWS Secrets Manager. To learn more, see the documentation. —- This guest post was written by Evan Johnson, who works in the Security team at Segment. The way companies manage application secrets is critical. Even […]

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation is now a Amazon CloudWatch Events Target

Today we are excited to announce a new target for Amazon CloudWatch Events: Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation. Through this integration, Automation workflows can be triggered by a schedule, or when specific AWS system events occur. Automation is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.  Using Automation you can build workflows that are streamlined, repeatable and auditable. […]

Windows AMI Patching and Maintenance with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

The Automation service, which is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, helps you save time and the effort associated with routine management operations. Automation workflows are streamlined, repeatable, and auditable. For example, you can easily automate manual tasks such as golden image creation, baking applications into Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), or patching and updating agents. […]

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Documents: Support for Cross-platform Documents and Multiple Steps of the Same Type

This post was written by Babul Mehta, Software Development Engineer with Amazon Web Services. Amazon EC2 Systems Manager documents define the actions that Systems Manager services perform on your managed instances. Documents are essentially a series of steps executed in sequence, and can be versioned and shared across accounts (and even publicly). Systems Manager includes […]