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Guide To AWS Robotics at re:Invent 2020

Join AWS Robotics experts and innovative robotics companies at re:Invent this year to learn how to advance and speed up efforts to build robotics applications.

Our re:Invent sessions and related activities aim to help you learn how to use AWS RoboMaker simulation and open source tools to build, test, and deploy ROS-based robotics applications.

Explore our educational opportunities below which feature content on getting started with testing robots in simulation, and scaling and automating testing efforts. iRobot and JetBrain Robotics join us and explain how they use AWS RoboMaker to build intelligent robots. We are also offering live Twitch sessions which dive deep into RoboMaker simulation and give you an opportunity to get hands-on practice in AWS RoboMaker.

Educational Sessions

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How to test and train your robots with AWS RoboMaker – ROB201

Building safe, high-quality robotics applications and machine learning models for robots is hard. It’s even harder when you can’t get enough hardware, time, people or realistic physical space needed to test or train your robots. Join this session to learn how AWS RoboMaker simulation can help you simplify, accelerate, and expand your efforts to build better robots. This session will cover how you can create 3D virtual simulation environments in minutes with RoboMaker WorldForge, and how you can use RoboMaker simulation for both application testing and reinforcement learning using Gazebo.


Building robots to help hospitals become safer & smarter – ZCW210

Robot in a simulated hospital worldIn hospitals and other healthcare venues, robots increasingly perform contactless delivery and autonomous maintenance services to reduce the risk of exposing patients and medical staff to harmful viruses and bacteria. This video shows how Solaris JetBrain & Milvus Robotics develop and deploy robots quickly and safely for hospitals with open source tools and AWS. Learn how Solaris JetBrain tests their robots in AWS RoboMaker simulation to improve safety and find edge cases before deploying applications to physical robots.

Building the next generation of residential robots – ZCW209

Robots are being used more widely in homes and are becoming increasingly advanced to include capabilities including artificial intelligence, data streaming, image recognition, voice activation, and remote monitoring. In this video, we look at how AWS RoboMaker and AWS IoT enable the development and testing of sophisticated robots that can autonomously navigate, communicate, comprehend, and learn. iRobot also discusses how they are using AWS to build intelligent robots that fit seamlessly into your life at home.


Twitch Events

Hands on workshop: Testing robot fleets in RoboMaker simulation

In this workshop, we cover how robotics companies ensure their code is production-ready by running robot software tests in physics-based simulation using AWS RoboMaker. You’ll work hands-on and learn how to prepare Robot Operating System (ROS) applications to run in AWS RoboMaker with Gazebo, a common 3D simulator used in robotics development. Then, you’ll run a common robot application test and learn how to horizontally scale simulation jobs to support testing multiple robots in a fleet.

Dec. 10, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PST

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Live Demonstration: Testing mapping algorithms in a robot simulation

Robots depend on the accuracy of localization and mapping algorithms. Simulation enables map generation which developers use to evaluate the accuracy of mapping algorithms. In this demonstration, we show how to generate simulation worlds with AWS RoboMaker WorldForge. Then, we demonstrate how to use open source tools to generate mapping algorithms and test these algorithms in RoboMaker simulation. Finally, we walk you through how to evaluate your map algorithms against a ground truth map.

Dec. 9, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

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We hope this provides a good overview of the robotics-related content and activities available during re:Invent 2020. Be sure to register for re:Invent to learn more about the sessions offered.