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Control VPC sharing in an AWS multi-account setup with service control policies

January 29, 2021: We made minor updates to the architectural diagram in Figure 1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers who establish shared infrastructure services in a multi-account environment through AWS Organizations and AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) may find that the default permissions assigned to the management account are too broad. This may allow organizational […]

Improving security as part of accelerated data center migrations

Approached correctly, cloud migrations are a great opportunity to improve the security and stability of your applications. Many organizations are looking for guidance on how to meet their security requirements while moving at the speed that the cloud enables. They often try to configure everything perfectly in the data center before they migrate their first […]

On-Demand SCIM provisioning of Azure AD to AWS IAM Identity Center with PowerShell

June 6, 2023: We made minor updates to the section “Grant permission to the Graph API to access the Default Directory in Azure AD.” September 20, 2022: We updated the link to the GitHub repository. September 12, 2022: This blog post has been updated to reflect the new name of AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) – […]