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How to share encrypted AMIs across accounts to launch encrypted EC2 instances

October 30, 2019: We’ve updated Figure 2 and its accompanying steps to show the KMS console. October 16, 2019: We’ve updated Figure 1 to show the KMS console. August 26, 2019: We’ve corrected the name of the console in step one. Do you encrypt your Amazon Machine Instances (AMIs) with AWS Key Management Service (AWS […]

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How to quickly launch encrypted EBS-backed EC2 instances from unencrypted AMIs

An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provides the information that you need to launch an instance (a virtual server) in your AWS environment. There are a number of AMIs on the AWS Marketplace (such as Amazon Linux, Red Hat or Ubuntu) that you can use to launch an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance. When […]

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