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ClearDATA CEO and Co-Founder Darin Brannan on Starting—and Managing—A Successful Startup

As a former venture capitalist turned three-time founder, Darin Brannan has learned a thing or two about starting a successful startup. Not only has he nurtured at least two companies from birth to IPO, growing each to hundreds and thousands of employees, but he’s also managed 34 company acquisitions at the same time. His key takeaways for establishing a viable business? Start with a big market opportunity, build a talented cohesive team, architect a strong business plan, and then execute said plan with undying tenacity and perseverance.

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Friction Burns: Three steps the startup takes to reduce friction

Tyk is an independent API Gateway and Management platform, comprising of an open source API Gateway, and proprietary management dashboard. It’s only the beginning of our journey, but so far, it’s been an exciting and fast-paced one.

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