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Improving the Sustainability of Crop Farming Using a Data-driven Approach

Due to the effects of advancing climate change and a growing global population, agricultural professionals are under more pressure than ever before to produce higher yields with fewer inputs. Learn how Geopard, an independent precision agriculture platform, collaborates with Corteva, a leading global agricultural input company, to augment their physical products with smart recommendations integrated into a decision support tool powered by AWS.


Travizory Leverages GitOps and AI to Help Countries Unlock Safe Travel in Just 4 Weeks

As the world begins to reconsider international travel, the challenge many governments now face is how to reopen borders to revive their economies, while keeping local communities safe and minimizing health risks. Lengthy lines and unfamiliar screening processes at many airports make it clear that existing systems simply can’t cope with the ‘new normal’ of travelling. Anticipating the need to navigate this incredibly complex and high-stakes landscape, border security experts Travizory developed a world-leading secure SaaS border security and management platform using cutting-edge biometrics, AI and machine learning technologies that enables countries to safely welcome visitors within a matter of weeks.

Temi China and the Rise of Personal Robots

Temi China and the Rise of Personal Robots

Temi is a personal robot that hopes to revolutionize communication. CEO Gal Goren shares how temi’s autonomous nature allows for an improved user experience, like hands-free video calling or tight subject matter focus. He also walks through the depth of its integration with Amazon Alexa, what its use cases are, and why the time for temi is now.