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Media Intelligence solutions built on unmatched analytics and machine learning capabilities 

Customers including the National Football League, Bundesliga, and FORMULA 1 build dynamic audience experiences and create new ways to measure and visualize world-class competitions, using the broadest set of capabilities for data lakes, analytics, databases, and machine learning with AWS.

Media and entertainment companies can ingest and analyze billions of audience events per day with the best price performance of any cloud with Amazon EMR and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and choose from unmatched machine learning capabilities to segment audiences, forecast inventory, perform contextual analysis, and create personalized experiences and recommendations.

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Leading Data Science & Analytics customer solutions built on AWS

Formula 1

By using AWS, F1 is utilizing innovative technologies, such as machine learning (ML) models and high performance computing (HPC), to digitally transform the sport.


Germany’s premier national football league uses AWS to deliver real-time statistics to predict future plays and game outcomes, and recommend personalized match footage for fans across mobile, online, streaming, and television broadcasts.

Disney +

The NFL uses the power of AWS ML to create new stats and improve player health and safety, creating a better experience for fans, players, and teams—all in real time.

Second Spectrum

Second Spectrun provides artificial intelligence–driven tracking technology for sports broadcasts to modernizing the way people engage with sports. Broadcasters and commentators use the company’s tools to provide quick insights accompanied by helpful visuals.


Measure, understand, optimize audiences and advertising

Drive innovation in analytics by choosing from 15+ purpose-built AWS database engines to match specific media and entertainment analytics use-cases such as audience analysis, customer 360, advertising analytics, clean rooms, cross-account data sharing, contextual analysis, and identity enrichment.

Easily integrate AI into media content workflows

With AWS, you can choose turnkey solutions from participating AWS Partners or use AWS Solutions to enable rapid prototyping for four important use cases: content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, and content monetization.

Increase content discovery, accessibility, and personalization

Automatically convert audio and video assets into fully searchable archives for highlight generation, compliance monitoring, content consumption analysis, and monetization. Pair Amazon Transcribe with Amazon Elasticsearch Service or Amazon Kendra to index transcribed audio and search across audio/video libraries.

Solutions and services

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    AWS Media Insights Engine

    A development framework for applying machine learning services to media workflows

    This solution manages workflow orchestration and data persistence so that you can focus on applications that extract value from media or automate manual workflows.

    You can extend and customize the solution to fit new use cases.  Operators are generated state machines that are pre-built, but can also be extended to handle specific use cases.

    Components are described by clean interfaces. Operators are small single purpose components that transform or extract metadata from media. You can define custom operators or use any of the included pre-built operators. 

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  • Media2Cloud


    Highly scalable, elastic, and secure cloud services that help customers more easily ingest, store, process, deliver, and manage content in the cloud

    Moving your digital asset management to the cloud enables you to take advantage of the latest innovations in asset management and supply chain applications. However, it can be a challenging and slow process to migrate your existing video archives to the cloud.

    To help streamline and automate the migration process, AWS offers the Media2Cloud solution. This solution sets up a serverless end-to-end ingest workflow to move your video assets and associated metadata to the cloud. During the migration, the solution analyzes and extracts valuable metadata from your video and images using Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend. Media2Cloud also includes a simple web interface that enables you to immediately start ingesting and analyzing your content to enrich its value.

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  • AWS Content Analysis

    AWS Content Analysis

    Enables you to perform automated video content analysis using a serverless application model to generate meaningful insights through machine learning (ML) generated metadata

    This solution provides access to a variety of AWS-native AI services that they can apply to their media libraries and then use insights and metadata to automate manual processes. The solution includes a web-based user interface that customers can use to upload and search their video libraries.

    The AWS Content Analysis solution combines Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Comprehend to offer a suite of comprehensive capabilities to analyze a customer’s video content. The solution is a tailored application based on the open source project Media Insights Engine (MIE). The Media Insights Engine provides a framework to simplify the development of applications that transform or analyze videos on AWS.

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  • Analytics on AWS

    Analytics on AWS

    Fastest way to get answers from all your data to all your users

    Whatever you are looking to do with data, AWS Analytics can offer a solution. Providing the broadest and deepest portfolio of purpose-built analytics services to realize a Lake House Architecture. The portfolio includes the most scalable data lakes, purpose-built analytics services, seamless data movement, and unified governance – all delivered with the best performance at the lowest cost.

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  • Amazon Personalize

    Predictive User Engagement

    A simple architecture that automates the process of making predictive recommendations

    Based on user activity in Amazon Personalize, and updating Amazon Pinpoint endpoints with those recommendations, Predictive User Engagement provides a simple architecture that automates the process of making predictive recommendations

    This solution is designed to provide a simple architecture to demonstrate how to use ML to make product recommendations and automatically update your endpoints and segments. You can build upon this architecture for a variety of use cases.

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AWS Partners for Data Science & Analytics

For customers looking to accelerate time to market, the AWS Partner Network (APN) offers a diverse and deep set of Data Science & Analytics solutions from more than 30 AWS Partners.


“We are thrilled to be partnering with AWS for the Media and Entertainment industry. By leveraging the power of their cloud platform, we can create innovative solutions—backed by advanced data—that drive operational efficiencies and better customer experiences.”

- Robert Koch, VP, Media and Entertainment Technology Solutions, EPAM Systems


"GrayMeta’s customers save time and cost using the power of our AI/ML embedded applications on AWS, enabling content playback and QC to generate valuable metadata from hidden information in audio and video assets.”

- Josh Wiggins, President and Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta


"Quantiphi's next-gen media intelligence solutions on AWS cloud helps M&E clients to boost their user reach and engagement, increase the lifetime value of existing content, automate content compliance and conformance helping drive top-line growth and reduce costs"

- Arnav Gupta, Global Practice Lead – AWS, Quantiphi, Inc

Media & Entertainment solutions from AWS Partners are also available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on AWS.

AWS Consulting Partners help customers build customized solutions to meet their unique needs

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