Video Processing and Delivery Moves to the Cloud

As video quality, accessibility and utility skyrockets, how video providers create and deliver professional-grade video services changes dramatically. This e-book digs into the details behind the causes and effects of this shift. Learn about the benefits of moving video operations to the cloud, the pros and cons of conventional approaches, and tips for adapting to coming changes.


Accelerate your Media Workflows

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has designed purpose-built solutions to help you innovate and accelerate your media workflows. Read how existing AWS customers are using solutions across their media value chain, from content production through to asset management and distribution, and get ideas for your own creative studio.


Use the cloud to deliver great fan experiences

Nurturing digital relationships with fans means delivering “right-now” OTT live sports offerings that meet broadcast-grade. The cloud is the great equalizer, allowing anyone to deliver personalized experiences and cutting-edge apps for the superfan. This e-book explains how cloud media services and solutions can help you reduce video production costs, grow revenue, and tailor offerings to your specific audiences.


AWS Insights Online Conference

Join AWS Insights for a free half-day online conference designed for media and entertainment leaders and builders, with content creation, media supply chain, and content distribution sessions.


3-Part Webcast Series: Resilient Live Streaming Video

Live content attracts large audiences and drives revenue. Live video streaming is a compelling part of an OTT offering, and when it is, you must ensure your customers get the best experience no matter what, or you risk losing loyalty and money. Learn how the AWS Cloud and AWS Elemental Media Services make building a highly available and reliable live video workflow possible in a new, more cost-effective and scalable way, with monitoring, alerts, and security. 


Most media industry trend reports can provide directional guidance on consumer behavior but miss practical applications for media technologists to solve short- to long-term challenges. In this webcast, we discuss how new video workflow solutions from AWS directly address the changes your business is going through. Learn how to quickly evaluate and take advantage of the right solutions for your specific needs.


Live Video Delivery from the Cloud

For broadcasters using traditional video infrastructure, the cost and complexity of maintaining video operations is a necessary evil. But to advocate for a change for the better, broadcasters need sound business reasons. This paper explains how cloud technologies take high costs and complexity off the table, and create mutually beneficial provider and customer relationships.


The Practical Guide to AWS Media Services

AWS Media Services are designed to give you an easy path to cloud-based video processing and delivery. Virtually limitless capacity, performance to scale, the latest proven video standards, formats and protocols – and much more. Understand the benefits and learn how to deploy the services for discrete workloads or complete, end-to-end video workflows.

Getting Started

Learning Paths: Learn to create professional quality media experiences using AWS Elemental services.

Developer Portal: Post your questions and feedback to these forums. Use the RSS feeds and e-mail watches to stay in tune with AWS topics that interest you for now.

AWS Media for Industries


Whether you’re a national broadcaster, independent station or an owned-and-operated affiliate, your business is based on superior service to your audience. AWS provides components for turnkey, virtualized or cloud-based deployments, resulting in unmatched flexibility and reduced cost and time-to-market. Engage and grow viewership while expanding delivery of broadcast content to new platforms.

Pay TV

AWS gives cable, satellite and telecom service providers the opportunity to reach subscribers in new and innovative ways, reduce costly infrastructure, and streamline workflow management. Look to AWS to drive efficiencies in your operational control, reduce bandwidth to reach more serviceable customers, or innovate with technologies such as 4K UHD for primary and multiscreen workflows.


AWS empowers US federal, state and local government, and non-profit organizations by delivering industry-leading video solutions in support of operations. Video processing solutions from AWS Elemental enable government customers to overcome challenges, including bandwidth constraints, legacy infrastructure issues, support for multiple formats, and the ability to quickly and efficiently distribute video content at mission-critical levels of security.


Video plays an important role in education, both for traditional K-12 and higher educational institutions and more crucially for distance learning such as online education where live and on-demand videos provide a connection to educators as well as to other students.

Corporate Streaming

AWS gives organizations of any size the ability to implement flexible and scalable video processing for highly distributed and personalized access to video. Whether you need live or on-demand content, extend your reach to stakeholders and broaden your impact with video solutions which enable a broad range of corporate streaming video applications.


OTT Video on AWS

Enhance security, simplicity and integration by building OTT workflows on AWS in the cloud – focus valuable resources on video innovation instead of infrastructure.

Live Sports Workflows on AWS

Use the cloud to deliver the live sports experience that keeps your audiences coming back for more.

Machine Learning & Analytics for Media

Make smarter content investments, better monetize your content library, and delight users with personalized experiences.

Monetize your Video Workflows

Optimize streaming video revenue opportunities while reducing your bottom line.

Migrate Media Workflows to AWS

Retire your technical debt and increase focus on innovating for your customers.

Media Technologies

Ad Insertion

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) enables pay TV operators, broadcasters and publishers to dynamically insert personalized ads as video content is delivered to consumers, allowing video experiences to be monetized more effectively in real time.

Broadcast-Grade Video Latency for Live Streaming

Choose the right segment size for video packaging and learn the best practices to achieve low latency video in live streaming applications, such as TV sports, games, and news, and OTT e-sports and interactive shows.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR standards in development cover more than higher peak brightness and lower black levels. HDR also includes expanded color space, greater bit depth and static or dynamic metadata. As displays evolve, HDR challenges video providers to render images without running up against unworkable limitations.

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)

The compression efficiencies HEVC offer allow media companies to create higher quality video streams with lower bitrates than previous generation codecs. Results: Lower content delivery costs and improved viewer experiences.

Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) Control

QVBR is video quality consistency made easy and efficient. Set a fixed video quality level and a max bitrate. The encoder does the rest.

Machine Learning for Media Applications

For media and entertainment video providers, machine learning increases the value of video content and creates outstanding audience experiences.

Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange API

SPEKE is a royalty-free open source API specification that defines the standard for encrypted communication between video encoders, transcoders, origin servers, and digital rights management (DRM) system key servers for live and on-demand streaming video.

Live Video Streaming Resilience

Live video content must be supported by a resilient video streaming workflow that scales as requirements change. Audiences expect a resilient live video infrastructure that delivers a consistent stream, regardless of demand, degradation, or errors.

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