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Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps agriculture customers forecast supply and demand and create and maintain responsive, resilient food systems. This edition of Architecture Monthly focuses on the agriculture industry and their role in providing products to the world that are nutritious, healthy, accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

We’d like to thank our expert, Karen Hildebrand, Worldwide Tech Lead for Agriculture at AWS, for her contributions to the Ask an Expert column.

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In this month’s issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Karen Hildebrand, PhD, Worldwide Tech Lead for Agriculture at AWS
  • Case Study: AGCO Lowers Costs, Boosts Speed, and Increases Retention Using Amazon Kinesis Services
  • Quick Start: Machine to Cloud Connectivity Framework
  • Blog: Building a Controlled Environment Agriculture Platform
  • Case Study: ProRefrigeration Extends Their AWS IoT Capabilities to the Edge with CEI America
  • Quick Start: Genomics Tertiary Analysis and Machine Learning Using Amazon SageMaker
  • Solution: Improving Forecast Accuracy with Machine Learning
  • Blog: Building Machine Learning at the Edge Applications using Amazon SageMaker Edge Manager and IoT Greengrass v2
  • Blog: Processing satellite imagery with serverless architecture
  • Videos:
    • The Future of Fresh Fruit Harvest: A Talk with FFRobotics
    • Seeing is Believing – the Rise of Data & Analytics in Agriculture
    • The Season for Vintner Innovation: Viticulture & More with E.J. Gallo Winery
    • Farming Innovation in Ireland: A Talk with Herdwatch
    • Voice Activated Agriculture
    • Amazon Prime – Clarkson’s Farm Season 1

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