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From R&D through commercialization, biopharma organizations are looking Architecture Monthly Magazine - Apr 2021 - Biopharmato bring advanced and differentiated therapeutics to market faster. For example, the Moderna mRNA vaccine was developed and approved for emergency use in record time compared to past vaccines.

AWS is the secure, trusted technology partner to help the highly regulated biopharma industry confidently increase the pace of innovation, unlock the potential of scientific data, and develop a more streamlined approach to therapeutic development.

In this issue, we’ll look at some of the architectural patterns, processes, and services available for scientific research, drug manufacturing, compliance, and scaling. We hope you’ll find this edition of Architecture Monthly useful. We’d like to thank Kelli Jonakin, PhD, Global Head of Life Sciences & Genomics Marketing, AWS, as well as our Expert, Patrick Combes, Tech Leader, Healthcare and Life Sciences for their contributions.

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In this month’s Biopharma issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Patrick Combes, Tech Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, AWS
  • Case Study: Inspire Uses ML to Connect Millions of Patients and Caregivers on AWS
  • Quick Start: AWS Biotech Blueprint – Core
  • Blog: AWS and Novartis: Re-inventing pharma manufacturing
  • Executive Summary: Why AWS for GxP regulated workloads?
  • Reference Architecture: GxP Compliance Automation
  • Solution: Service Workbench on AWS
  • Case Study: Bristol Myers Squibb Builds Enterprise Data Lakes on AWS
  • Training: Intro to Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) Compliance on AWS
  • Reference Architecture: Patient Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Personalize
  • Blog: Executive Conversations: Accelerating COVID-19 vaccine development with Marcello Damiani, Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer at Moderna
  • Executive Brief: Biopharma on AWS
  • Reference Architecture: Lab instrument log acquisition and analytics
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    • Streamline Innovation in Biopharma with AWS
    • Evidation Health Enables Next Generation Clinical Studies on AWS
    • PwC: Building an Efficient, Intelligent, Serverless Pipeline for the Pharma Industry
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb: Enabling DevOps with AWS Service Catalog
  • Podcast: AWS Innovation with EB Research

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