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In our Travel and Hospitality issue, we feature several customers: Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Wyndham, Meliá, Just Eat Take Away, Domino’s, KFC, and more. We also have some great articles from NLX, IBS, Elenium, Datalex – our T&H competency partners. Through blogs and case studies, you’ll see how the double challenge of the pandemic and downturn has been faced and addressed with creative solutions.

We’re also adding a new segment this month, Customer Conversations. We are excited to publish this new content and unique perspective.

We’d like to thank Kim Macaulay, Head of Data, Quality and Governance, IATA, Sekhar Mallipeddi, Tech Leader, Travel and Hospitality, AWS (our Expert for this issue), and Bonnie McClure, our technical editor, for their contributions to this issue. We hope you find it useful and informative.

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In this month’s Travel and Hospitality issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Sekhar Mallipeddi, Tech Leader, Travel and Hospitality, AWS
  • Customer Conversations: Kim Macaulay, Head of Data, Quality and Governance, IATA
  • Case Study: Elenium Enables Safer and Smoother Airport Travel Using AWS
  • Blog: NLX is Helping Travelers Amid Disruption with AI-Powered Automation
  • Reference Architecture: Customer Engagement Using AI/ML for Airlines
  • Blog: Migrating to Amazon API Gateway: A Datalex success story
  • Blog: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Hospitality Technology
  • Reference Architecture: Guest 360 Data Platform for Lodging
  • Case Study: On AWS, Meliá Saves 58% and Builds Organizational Resilience During Unexpected Downturn
  • Reference Architecture: Airline Schedule Engine
  • Blog: Executive Conversations: Building Resiliency with Alison Taylor, Chief Customer Officer, American Airlines
  • Reference Architecture: Serverless Architecture for Global Applications
  • Case Study: Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Delivers in Record Time Using AWS for Predictive Ordering
  • Reference Architecture: Connected Restaurants using IoT and AI/ML
  • Blog: The Technology Behind KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good Success
  • Videos: Just Eat Takeaway; Wyndham Hotels & Resorts; Southwest Airlines; Intent; IBS; Enterprise IT

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Jane Scolieri

Jane Scolieri

Jane is UX Producer for the AWS Product Mktng team, and working on AWS TV. She lives in beautiful Seattle.