AWS Cloud Financial Management

AWS re:Invent 2023 Know Before You Go: a guide to Cloud Financial Management programs

If you’re planning to attend the AWS re:Invent 2023 and wondering what Cloud Financial Management sessions and activities you should participate, look no further! In this blog post, I’ll share a quick preview of these programs. Hope it can help you navigate re:Invent like a true CFM pro and learn and meet with like-minded FinOps professionals.

Let’s jump right into it.

I. Stay in the know

We’re rolling out several major enhancements to AWS Cloud Financial Management portfolio of services. Be the first to learn about these new features and see how they help with your cost management and optimization needs. We also offer sessions that introduce ways for you to evaluate your CFM maturity.

  • COP204 What’s new with AWS Cost Optimization | Breakout | Level 200
    Tuesday (Nov.28) 11AM-noon, Mandalay Bay | Level 2 | South | Oceanside D
    Keep up to date with the latest capabilities that can help monitor resource performance while maximizing cost saving
  • COP203 Improving your AWS Cost Reporting | Breakout | Level 200
    Tuesday (Nov.28) 12:30PM-1:30PM, Mandalay Bay | Level 3 | South | Jasmine H
    Learn how the latest launches in the cost and usage reporting space can help you make faster and better-informed decisions
  • GDS102 Save money & increase value using the CFM Capability Assessment
    Wednesday (Nov.29) 3-4PM, MGM Grand | Level 1 | Grand 115
    Learn how you can benchmark your CFM maturity against other AWS customers

II. Learn with experts and peers

You have questions, and we have experts to provide suggestions and demonstrate solutions. What’s more, we have a room full of peers who share the similar interests. They have good ideas too. Come join the discussion.

  • COP317 Balance cost optimization and resiliency | Chalk Talk | Level 300
    Monday (Nov.27) 1-2PM, Wynn | Level 1 | Lafite 1
    Learn how you can factor in cost optimization, while you design highly available workloads that can respond to and quickly recover from failures
  • COP205 Forecasting: effective strategies for AWS cost planning | Chalk Talk | Level 200
    Monday (Nov.27) 3-4PM, Caesars Forum | Level 1| Academy 411
    Learn about the key elements of cost forecasting for new and existing workloads
  • COP212 Ways to avoid cost surprises | Chalk Talk | Level 200
    Monday (Nov.27) 4-5PM, MGM Grand | Level 3 | 304
    Learn about how you can set up budget settings and improve ways to detect unintentional spend
  • COP206 Building your own FinOps KPIs| Chalk Talk | Level 200
    Thursday (Nov.30) 2:30-3:30PM, Wynn |Level 1 | Montrachet 1
    Learn how you can evaluate cloud investment with KPIs that merge cloud cost and usage data with business success metrics
  • COP210 Maximize savings by developing an AWS purchase strategy | Chalk Talk | Level 200
    Thursday (Nov.30) 4-5PM, Wynn | Level 1 | Latour 5
    Learn how you leverage AWS purchase options, e.g. Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, to align with your workload demand and business needs

III. Roll up your sleeves and build with us

Make your re:Invent trip worthwhile by trying out our CFM tools and building something onsite with us. In these workshops and builder’s sessions, you get to follow our instructors and practice your building skills.

  • COP312 Track and visualize cost-effectiveness of your workloads & KPI targets | Workshop | Level 300
    Tuesday (Nov.28) 11:30AM-1:30PM, Mandalay Bay | Level 1 | North | Islander I
    Build your own Cloud Intelligence Dashboards to track your cost efficiency and answer key business questions
  • COP342 Advanced analytics with AWS Cost and Usage Reports | Code Talk | Level 300
    Tuesday (Nov.28) 5-6PM, Wynn | Level 1 | Margaux 1
    Learn how you can write your own CUR queries to analyze billing and usage for deeper insights
  • COP225 Developing cost allocation strategies of your AWS workloads |Workshop | Level 200
    Wednesday (Nov.29) 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM, MGM Grand | Level 3 | Premier 315
    Learn how you can analyze and allocate shared costs to business entities that are responsible for the spend
  • COP211 Simplify your chargeback reporting | Builder’s | Level 300  (this session offers repeats)
    Monday (Nov.27) 12-1PM, MGM Grand | Level 3 | 350
    Wednesday (Nov.29) 9-10AM, MGM Grand | Level 3 | 350
    Thursday (Nov.30) 4-5PM, MGM Grand | Level 3 | 35
    Learn how you can generate proforma billing views and cost reports with custom account structure and pricing rates

IV. Meet the experts @ AWS Village Expo Center

Throughout the re:Invent week, if you have any questions or suggestions for AWS Cloud Financial Management team, feel free to drop by the Cloud Financial Management kiosk at the AWS Village Expo center. You can ask questions or simply come say hi and share your stories. We have swags and spinning wheels for prizes. There is a lightning talk “CFM Capability Assessment Demo” at the Infrastructure Solutions Zone Wednesday afternoon (5:30-5:45PM) for those who’re interested.  In the next few days, we’ll also share schedules for “Meet the experts” at the kiosk, so you can come chat with your favorite CFM SMEs. Stay tuned.

V. Connect with FinOps peers

You’ve probably heard the news that AWS is now a premier member of the FinOps Foundation (F2).  We’re very excited to join the broader FinOps Community. The AWS CFM team will attend the F2 Las Vegas FinOps Roadshow Tuesday evening (Nov.28, 5-8PM). If you’re around, we’d love to see you there.