AWS Cloud Financial Management

How can I get insights into my portfolio with AWS Cost Explorer?

AWS Cost Explorer is essentially a one-stop shop that allows you to visualize, understand, and manage your AWS costs and usage over time. You can use preconfigured views or customize reports that group and filter data, creating a uniform view of your cost and usage that helps you identify top cost trends and forecast future usage.

In a nutshell, Cost Explorer gives you:

  1. Comprehensive dashboards to view month-to-date costs, month-end forecasted costs, and saved reports.
  2. Automated trend analysis to identify anomalous cost and usage events across your account(s) based on historical patterns.
  3. Friendly user experience and programmatic access for users of all expertise levels, and AWS Cost Explorer API available for custom application to address specific cost management needs.

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Unlocking the potential of Cost Explorer

We know that some customers access Cost Explorer on an ad-hoc basis, perhaps monthly, quarterly, or even annually, to check out their cost and usage patterns to make forecasts. If that sounds familiar, we’d like to help you expand your Cost Explorer knowledge base to gain deeper and more meaningful insights.

Check out the presentation below as we demo specific use cases on how Cost Explorer can help you identify and drive cost optimization opportunities across your portfolio including:

  • Amazon S3. Learn how to use Cost Explorer to dive deep into your S3 usage to identify where you’ve been successful and where you can drive optimizations.
  • Amazon CloudWatch. See how you’re consuming CloudWatch so you can drive a conversation that supports executing optimizations.
  • AWS Cost Anomaly Detection. Understand how Cost Explorer and Cost Anomaly Detection work together to give you deeper insights into your portfolio, enabling the development and deployment of a robust Cloud Financial Management practice.

What’s new with Cost Explorer

We’re excited to announce a new Cost Explorer console experience that includes a new, at-a-glance widget to view your total and average monthly cost. We’ve also added a new search function in the table view, that lets you look up specific spend and usage information.

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Gena Chung

Gena Chung

Gena is a Digital Campaigns Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on helping customers understand and adopt cloud financial management solutions to harness the value of the AWS cloud, and transform their business through cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.