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ICYMI: Increase cost visibility, optimization, and overall CFM maturity

This month, we’re sharing strategies and solutions to help your organization start, build, or accelerate its CFM practices. Explore these resources to learn how you can optimize cloud costs, increase visibility, establish your CFM framework, implement automation, and understand what strategies contribute to the success of cloud-mature enterprises.

Top 5 ICYMI resources

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1. Cost optimization with AWS

Check out our updated cost optimization solutions page to learn how you can build modern, scalable applications on AWS to transform your organization, all while optimizing costs. We’ll share ways that you can maximize cloud value realization by rightsizing workloads, modernizing your architecture, paying only for what you use, and reducing overall cloud costs.

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2. Strategies to distribute visibility in multi-account environments

Speed matters in business, and AWS customers want to move quickly and securely when they choose to innovate and develop on our platform. As customers scale their AWS footprint, a majority of them adopt a multi-account strategy to separate their workloads and better enable their teams to build rapidly. The AWS multi-account strategy provides guidance to help customers design a multi-account architecture to securely and efficiently manage their applications. This blog post discusses three design patterns that you can apply to your multi-account environment, and walks you through two examples that showcase how you can implement these patterns in your own environment.

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3. Guidance for Cloud Financial Management on AWS

This guidance helps you set up a Cloud Financial Management (CFM) capability to manage and optimize your expenses for cloud services. This capability includes near real-time visibility and cost and usage analysis to support decision-making for topics such as spend dashboards, optimization, spend limits, chargeback, and anomaly detection and response.

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4. How cloud-mature enterprises succeed

In this blog, we will discuss the strategies employed by cloud-mature enterprises, examine key pillars of cloud maturity, and contrast how mature and aspiring enterprises operate in these areas. You will leave here being able to answer this question, “What does a mature cloud organization look like?”

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5.  How Liberty Mutual used automation in FinOps

We took a deep dive into how Liberty Mutual and its FinOps team supports Devs across the organization to make sure they understand their costs and know how to optimize. A key part of the talk is how they have approached automating in FinOps.

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Gena Chung

Gena Chung

Gena is a Digital Campaigns Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on helping customers understand and adopt cloud financial management solutions to harness the value of the AWS cloud, and transform their business through cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.