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ICYMI: UI Improvements in AWS Budgets, Medibank case study, and preventing unexpected costs

You want to balance business agility with the right level of cost control to avoid surprises. You want your team to innovate at scale and align efforts with the goals of your business. To help you with centralized billing, payment, cost control, and cost governance, we’ve selected the top 3 resources around cost management and control on AWS from last month.

Top 3 news about cloud cost optimization on AWS

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1. UI Improvements in AWS Budgets

The new panel will save you time (and clicks!) when you’re analyzing performance across a set of budgets. By the way, you can also now select multiple budgets at the same time.

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2. How Medibank achieved cost visibility and control on AWS

Learn how Medibank built a robust cost management solution to achieve cost visibility and control, strengthen accountability and governance, and drive value realization that aligned with its business needs.

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3. How to prevent unexpected costs while building with AWS

Focus your time on innovation and product market fit—not worrying about underlying infrastructure or unexpected costs. Learn best practices for new and existing AWS accounts when it comes to fundamental security, monitoring, and extending your runway to create a long-term strategy for cost management.

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What’s next?

For more information about AWS services and resources that can help you manage billing and control your IT costs, visit our CFM solutions page.

Luis Abud

Luis Abud

Luis oversees the Digital Experience for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. He focuses on enabling finance and business leaders to transform their business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization. In his previous career, he helped tech and retail companies establish and enhance their digital presence in Latin America.