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Amazon AppStream Can Improve the New-User Experience for Eve Online

You can use Amazon AppStream to stream resource-intensive applications and games from the cloud.

The developers at CCP Games love AppStream and showed how they could enable the character creator for the incredibly popular Eve Online game. In the video below, Halldor Fannor (CTO of CCP Games) speaks his mind regarding the new-user experience that they are able to create by using AppStream:

As he notes, AppStream could allow new users of Eve Online to start constructing their avatars while the game itself (nearly 6 GB) downloads. He believes that this immediate, frictionless experience will allow potential players to start investing in the game earlier in the download cycle, leading to better user retention and increased usage.

If you are interested in using AppStream for your own applications, you can read all about it and then sign up for the limited preview.

— Jeff;

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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