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Amazon CloudFront: Another Edge Location and Private Streamed Content

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Prior to our planned launch of an AWS Region in Singapore, we’ve opened up our third Amazon CloudFront edge location in Asia, joining the existing locations in Hong Kong and Tokyo, for a total of fifteen locations world-wide. The new Singapore edge location will reduce latency for end users in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. Static content will appear more quickly; dynamic (streamed) content will start to stream more quickly and may even be smoother.

No application changes are needed to take advantage of this new edge location because CloudFront will automatically locate the best edge location and serve the content from it. Pricing for the Singapore edge location is the same as for the Hong Kong location.

We’ve also added support for private, streamed content to CloudFront. Many of our customers want to sell or to secure their video content and they’ll be able to do this now. Private streamed content works in much the same way that it does for HTTP content, as I described last year. You can protect content by combining dates, date ranges, IP addresses, and IP address ranges. This new feature is available at no additional charge and you can start using it today by reading the CloudFront documentation.

We’ve been working with a number of application and toolkit developers to make sure that the tool and toolkit support for private streamed content is ready. Here’s what I know about:

  • JetS3t open source Java toolkit and application suite.
  • Bucket Explorer for Windows and Mac.
  • CloudBerry S3 Explorer for Windows.
  • CloudBuddy Personal for Windows (pictured at right).
While I’ve got your attention, I should mention that the CloudFront team is hiring up a storm. They are currently looking for a Development Manager, an Operations Manager, a Product Manager, SDEs, a Web Management Console Developer, and some Business Development folks (not currently online but very similar to this one). You can apply online or you can send your resume to

— Jeff;

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