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New – HTTP/2 Support for Amazon CloudFront

When I interview a candidate for a technical position, I often ask them to explain what happens when they see a interesting link and decide to click on it. I encourage them to go in to as much detail as they would like. The answers let me know how well they understand and can explain […]

Amazon CloudFront Expands to Canada

With a long feature list (powered in large part by customer requests) Amazon CloudFront is well-suited to delivering your static, dynamic, and interactive content to users all over the world at high speed and with low latency. As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can handle up to 2 million HTTP and HTTPS requests […]

New – Gzip Compression Support for Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront helps you to get your content to your users at high speed with low latency. Today we are making CloudFront even better with the addition of support for Gzip compression. After you enable it for a particular CloudFront distribution, text and binary content will be compressed at the edge and returned in response […]


Have you ever taken the time to watch the access and error logs from your web server scroll past? In addition to legitimate well-formed requests from users and spiders, you will probably see all sorts of unseemly and downright scary requests far too often.  For example, I checked the logs for one of my servers […]