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Amazon Kinesis Update – Reduced Propagation Delay

Amazon Kinesis is at home in situations where data arrives in a continuous stream. It is real-time and elastic and you can use it to reliably deliver any amount of data to your mission-critical applications.

Today we are making an important change to Kinesis. You can now retrieve records (data) immediately after a successful PutRecord or PutRecords call. Until now, records would become accessible to GetRecords after a propagation delay that was typically between two and four seconds. You don’t need to make any changes to your application in order to benefit from this improvement (if you are using the KCL (Kinesis Client Library) you may want to configure it to poll more frequently in order to further reduce latency).

I believe that this improvement will make Kinesis an even better fit for many use cases. For example, some AWS customers use Kinesis as an integral part of their data ingestion and processing workflow. In this model, Kinesis functions as a high-performance elastic buffer between each processing step. Prior to today’s launch, the propagation delays present at each step could significantly increase the time that it takes to process raw data into actionable results. Now that the delays are a thing of the past, applications of this type can digest and process data faster than ever!

KCL Configuration
If you are using the Kinesis Client Library (KCL) the default polling interval is set to one poll per second. This is in accord with our recommended polling rate of one poll per shard per second per application and allows multiple applications to concurrently process a single stream without hitting the Kinesis limit of 5 calls to GetRecord per second per shard.  Going beyond this limit will invoke the SDK’s exponential back-off logic and the perceived propagation delay will increase. To reduce the propagation delay your consuming applications observe, you can change the default polling interval to a value between 200 and 250 milliseconds. Read the documentation on Kinesis Low Latency Processing to learn more about the configuration options and settings.

Available Now
This feature is available now. If you are already running Kinesis applications you are already benefiting from it!


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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