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Amazon Relational Database Service Now Available in Europe

We launched the Relational Database Service in the US less than six months ago. Since then, developers have been putting RDS through its paces.They’ve quickly become accustomed to the ease with which they can create a new DB Instance, put it to use, manage backup and recovery, and to scale data storage and processing power as needed. In fact, RDS has already become one of the fastest-growing services in the history of AWS.

You can read my original blog post to see how to use RDS from the command line.

We’re now making RDS available in our EU – Ireland region. Developers running EC2 instances in the region can now benefit from local, low-latency access to RDS, and they can also be confident that their data will be stored within the EU. Contributors to the RDS forum have been asking (and asking (and asking)) and we are happy to oblige. We think that Mr. Pomi will be happy too!

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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