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Amazon SimpleDB Management in Eclipse

The popular AWS Toolkit for Eclipse now supports Amazon SimpleDB.

Designed for version 3.5 of Eclipse and building on top of the Eclipse Data Tools Platform, the toolkit provides complete management support for SimpleDB.

After opening Eclipse, you simply choose the Database Development Perspective, connect to SimpleDB using your AWS access identifiers, and view your domains through the Data Source Explorer. You can see your domains, the items in each domain, and the attributes of each item in the explorer.

You can create and delete domains, and you can do the same for items and attributes. You can edit the data and you can even extract it to a text file.

You can use the SQL Scrapbook to query your domains, with complete syntax highlighting and content assist.

The toolkit is free, it is available now, and you can get it here. We also have a great video which shows off all of the features that I outlined above.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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