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Jeff Barr

Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Hiking Outpost

The Hiking Outpost site blends Amazon product data pulled from ECS with camping and trail information taken from all over the web into one convenient and very useful interface. The site also uses the ECS Remote Shopping Cart.

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Amazon Store for Dot Net Nuke

Dot Net Nuke is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) for the Microsoft ASP.Net platform. The WCC Amazon Portal is an instant Amazon store for DotNetNuke. Using AWS, product data and images are integrated seamlessly into DotNetNuke pages for a professional presentation and a smooth user experience. the product supports every locale supported by […]

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Developer Token Validation

We are in the process of rolling out Developer Token validation for ECS 3.0 today. As we have been saying for a while now, if you don’t pass in a valid developer token, your ECS requests are going to fail. Read more at the Developer Token Validation FAQ.

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Perl DBI Module for ECS

In the Perl community, DBI is a database abstraction layer (read more about DBI here and here). Using this layer, an application can access a number of different data sources using a single, common API. There’s even a DBI Tutorial. The newest member of the DBI family is DBD::Amazon.

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Boost application development with Amazon Web Services

IBM’s developerWorks is publishing a 3-part series on the use of AWS with Java, under the title  Boost application development with Amazon Web Services. Written by Eric Giguere, the tutorial is described as follows: This tutorial provides an overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS exposes raw product information and key parts of technology […]

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Perl Interface to SQS and AWIS

Leon Brocard wrote a Perl interface to the Amazon Simple Queue service earlier this year. You can find Net::Amazon::SimpleQueue at any CPAN site. You can start with the README and then download and install the module. Leon also wrote a module for the Alexa Web Information Service, Net::Amazon::AWIS (and the README).

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XMLStarlet – Process XML at the Command Line

XMLStarlet is an open source command-line utility to format, transform, fix, and edit XML using a set of simple commands. Start by downloading the code (source or binary) here. Once configured and installed, XMLStarlet is available using the xml command, with options to list the current directory in XML, delete nodes that match an XPath […]

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WS-Alphabet Soup

As someone once said, the good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from! Developers building sophisticated applications around web services need to be familiar with many  standards. Right now, savvy developers need to know something about SOAP, HTTP, XML, and perhaps XSLT. As the clients and services become more mission […]

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XSLT Development Tools

Here are a couple of interesting tools to simplify XSLT development (courtesy of the Metaphorical mailing list): XSLT-Process – XSLT-process is a minor mode for GNU Emacs/XEmacs which transforms it into a powerful editor with XSLT processing and debugging capabilities. Alchemist XML IDE – This commercial product features an XPath expression evaluator, XPath generator, XSLT […]

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