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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

On Condor and Grids

There is lots of buzz about Hadoop and Amazon EC2and of course there should be, given all the great projects such as the one that the New York Times one, where they converted old articles into PDF files in short order at a very reasonable cost. Theres a second environment you should know about, although […]

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Two Good Podcasts

I hardly ever listen to broadcast radio in my car anymore. Instead, I subscribe to a whole bunch of podcasts, some technical, some fun, and others educational. Here are two episodes which should be of interest to anyone who reads this blog: The Mashable Podcast interviews Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale. Michael talks about their […]

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Friday Lunch Meetup in New York

I’ll be in New York this coming Friday, the second leg of a trip to Washington, DC and New York. Via Twitter, Tristan Louis suggested a lunch meetup and I was happy to oblige. We’ll be meeting at the Union Square Coffee Shop at 12:30 on Friday the 2nd of May and you are welcome […]

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Amazon Web Services in Japan and India

My last trip to India was in the pleasant winter and it was packed with action. I met with Wipro, Infosys, Patni, Accenture, Symphony and various other small and large companies. It was 14-day 5-city tour with stops in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. Met a lot of people and made tons of new […]

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Animoto – Scaling Through Viral Growth

Animoto is a very neat Amazon-powered application. Built on top of Amazon EC2, S3, and SQS, the site allows you to upload a series of images. It then generates a unique, attractive, and entertaining music video using your own music or something selected from the royalty-free library on the site. Last week I spoke to […]

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