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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Upcoming User Group Talks

Over the years we have found that user groups are great audiences for our Amazon Web Services Presentations. The attendees are often personally motivated to learn something new, and the Q&A is typically extensive. We’ve recently added three new evangelists to our team — one in Japan and two in the United States. Our new […]

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More Muck

Jeff Bezos’ talk earlier this week received a considerable amount of great coverage online. Here’s a sampling: The Motley Fool says that Amazon Looks to Make a Buck off Muck. Describing Amazon S3 and the Amazon Elastic Cloud, they said: “What this means in more practical terms is that if a small business suddenly needs […]

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We Build Muck, So You Don’t Have To

Earlier today, CEO Jeff Bezos gave the keynote presentation at the MIT Tech Review’s Emerging Technologies Conference. The conference was held on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There were two distinct parts to Jeff’s talk. In the first part, Jeff made sure that the audience knew the basic financial and numerical facts about […]

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Quick Links

I’m due downstairs in 30 minutes to go set up for the MIT Emerging Technology Conference. Here are some links that I have no time to annotate (evening update: they are now annotated): MySQL Replication on EC2 – “OK, here’s the cheat sheet for getting MySQL replication going for a PeopleAggregator install on Amazon EC2.” […]

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EC2 Beta Expansion

The response to the beta rollout of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was excellent. Many developers signed up and were able to start creating their scalable, on-demand applications. However, the product is still in beta and not everyone was able to get in. Everyone on the team has been besieged with emails from people […]

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Jets3t Cockpit

The Jets3t Cockpit is a graphical Java application for viewing and modifying the contents of an Amazon S3 account. Using the Applet, it is very easy to view the objects and buckets in the S3 account, upload new data to S3, and to download existing data to the desktop. Here’s what it looks like: There’s […]

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Amazon EC2, MySQL, Amazon S3

I was on a conference call yesterday and the topic of ways to store persistent data when using Amazon EC2 came up a couple of times. It would be really cool to have a persistent instance of a relational database like MySQL but there’s nothing like that around at the moment. An instance can have […]

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