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/n Software Adds Amazon Support

The community around Amazon Web Services is really on a roll! One of the communities we hear from a lot is the ISV world. For example I met the CEO of /n software, Gent Hito, at ETech a couple of months ago. Gent’s company builds BizTalk adapters and SQL Server integration components. Gent was excited about their upcoming product release, which integrates Amazon Web Services. He just followed up with me to say that they are shipping!

According to /n software, their IBiz Amazon Integrator supports Amazon Web Services in several areas:

  • Their BizTalk Adapters and SQL Server SSIS Tasks now support Amazon Simple Storage Service ( Amazon S3).
  • The IBiz Amazon Integrator includes developer components for accessing popular Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), and E-Commerce Service (ECS).
  • The new Amazon S3 Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server and Amazon S3 Task for SQL Server Integration Services allow for zero-code integration of Amazon S3 Storage with BizTalk or SQL Server workflows. These adapters enable their respective Microsoft products with Amazon’s secure and reliable online data storage capabilities.
  • In addition to the S3 offering, /n software is scheduled to release an Amazon SQS Adapter for BizTalk in the near future, enabling BizTalk with access to Amazons always-on distributed messaging platform.

You can read more about the product at

And if you’re an ISV that supports Amazon Web Services, please tell us about your product! Ou email address is “evangelists at amazon dot com”.

— Mike

Jeff Barr

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