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Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Updated ECS 3 Release

We updated the ECS 3 service earlier today. Here are the details: Features and Fixes Duplicate product descriptions returned in Search operations Search operations no longer return duplicate product descriptions. Search operation with .mode=books. fail for CA locale As documented in our 3.0 SDK, users need to pass in the appropriate “mode=books-xx” parameter for intl […]

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Updated ECS 4 Release

We updated the ECS 4 service earlier today. The new WSDL version is 2005-02-23. Here are the details: Features and Fixes Searching by European Article Number (EAN) is now supported for CA Searching by EAN is now supported in the CA locale for Classical, DVD, Music, Video and VHS SearchIndices. New element, URLEncodedHMAC, is available […]

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The new ECS-powered site displays the best deals (products with the highest discounts) from a number of Amazon categories, including Electronics, Kitchen, Toys, Tools, Books, Music, DVDs,  and Jewelry & Watches. The site also offers RSS feeds for each type of deal. 

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Major Updates to Pricenoia

The ECS-powered Pricenoia site has been updated. According to the latest entry in the Pricenoia blog, this release includes the following new features: Access to data from Amazon France and Amazon Canada Used and Third Party pricing data The option to search all Amazon sites simultaneously Additional product lines More sorting options User preferences Additional […]

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Music Plasma becomes Live Plasma

The ECS-powered Music Plasma site has morphed into the more powerful and more general Live Plasma. Music Plasma was used to search and browse the Amazon music catalog. Live Plasma builds on this to allow searching music and movies. It also features a multilingual user interface, a more interesting visual presentation (including product images), and […]

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Feeling Spendy?

Did you ever want to find a random Amazon product at a certain price point? If so, you will find Thomas Scott‘s “I’m Feeling Spendy” tool very handy. Select UK pounds or US dollars, enter in a price, and hit the button. The bottom panel will show a randomly selected Amazon product at or around […]

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ASP.Net Code Sample – ECS Custom Control in VB.Net

We have been working with our friends at Microsoft to create some additional code samples for .Net and ECS. Here is sample code for an ASP.Net custom control which uses version 4 of ECS. The control is written in VB.Net. Refer to the README file for more information and complete step-by-step directions on how to […]

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