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AWS Device Farm Update – Test Web Apps on Mobile Devices

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If you build mobile apps, you know that you have two implementation choices. You can build native or hybrid applications that compile to an executable file. You can also build applications that run within the device’s web browser.

We launched the AWS Device Farm in July with support for testing native and hybrid applications on iOS and Android devices (see my post, AWS Device Farm – Test Mobile Apps on Real Devices, to learn more).

Today we are adding support for testing browser-based applications on iOS and Android devices. Many customers have asked for this option and we are happy to be able to announce it. You can now create a single test run that spans any desired combination of supported devices and makes use of the Appium Java JUnit or Appium Java TestNG frameworks (we’ll add additional frameworks over time; please let us know what you need).

Testing a Web App
I tested a simple web app. It opens and searches for the string “Kindle”. I opened the Device Farm Console and created a new project (Test Amazon Site). Then I created a new run (this was my second test, so I called it Web App Test #2):

Then I configured the test by choosing the test type (TestNG) and uploading the tests (prepared for me by one of my colleagues):

The file ( contains the compiled test and the dependencies (a bunch of JAR files):

Next, I choose the devices. I had already created a “pool” of Android devices, so I used it:

I started the run and then checked in on it a few minutes later:

Then I inspected the output, including screen shots, from a single test:

Available Now
This new functionality is available now and you can start using it today! Read the Device Farm Documentation to learn more.


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