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AWS Expansion in Oregon – Amazon Redshift and Amazon EC2 High Storage Instances

You can now launch Amazon Redshift clusters and EC2 High Storage instances in the US West (Oregon) Region.

Amazon Redshift
Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse service that lets you create, run, and manage a petabyte-scale data warehouse with ease. You can easily scale up by adding additional nodes (giving you more storage and more processing power) and you pay a low, hourly fee for each node (Reserved Nodes are also available and bring Amazon Redshift’s price to under $1,000 per terabyte per year, less than 1/10th the cost of most traditional data warehouse systems).

Seattle-based Redfin is ready to use Amazon Redshift in US West (Oregon). Data Scientist Justin Yan told us that:

We took Amazon Redshift for a test run the moment it was released.  It’s fast. It’s easy. Did I mention it’s ridiculously fast? We’ve been waiting for a suitable data warehouse at big data scale, and ladies and gentlemen, it’s here.  We’ll be using it immediately to provide our analysts an alternative to Hadoop. I doubt any of them will want to go back.

Here’s a video that will introduce you to Redshift:

If you’re interested in helping to build and grow Amazon Redshift, we’re hiring in Seattle and Palo Alto drop us a line!

High Storage Instances
We are also launching the High Storage Eight Extra Large (hs1.8xlarge) instances in the Region. Each of these instances includes 117 GiB of RAM, 16 virtual cores (providing 35 ECU of compute performance), and 48 TB of instance storage across 24 hard disk drives. You can get up to 2.4 GB per second of I/O performance from these drives, making them ideal for data-intensive applications that require high storage density and high sequential I/O.

Localytics of Boston has moved their primary analytics database to the hs1.8xlarge instance type, replacing an array of a dozen RAID 0 volumes. The large storage capacity coupled with the increased performance (especially for sequential reads and writes) makes this instance type an ideal host for their application. According to Mohit Dilawari of Localytics, “We are extremely happy with these instances. Our site is substantially faster after the recent migration, yet our instance cost has decreased.”

If you are interested in helping to design and deliver instance types similar to the hs1.8xlarge to enable our customers to run high performance applications in the cloud, the EC2 team would like to talk to you.

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