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AWS Lowers its Pricing Again! – No Inbound Data Transfer Fees and Lower Outbound Data Transfer for All Services including Amazon CloudFront

We are continuously working hard to drive down our costs and pass those savings back to our customers. And indeed, AWS has reduced pricing more than a dozen times in the last 4 years. See the list of AWS’ announcements related to lowering prices:

Today, we are pleased to announce that we’re lowering our pricing again for AWS data transfer. Effective July 1, 2011, customers will not pay for any inbound data transfer. Plus, we are slashing our pricing in each tier for outbound data transfer. We are also introducing new pricing tiers for our high volume users.

New Data transfer prices for US-Standard, US-West and Europe regions (Effective July 1, 2011):

Data Transfer Tiers Previous Price New Price
Data Transfer In (All regions) $ 0.100 $ 0.000
Data Transfer Out
First 1GB / month $ 0.000 $ 0.000
Up to 10TB/ month $ 0.150 $ 0.120
Next 40 TB / month (50 TB) $ 0.110 $ 0.090
Next 100 TB / month (150 TB) $ 0.090 $ 0.070
Next 350 TB / month (500 TB) $ 0.080 $ 0.050
Next 524 TB / month (1 PB) $ 0.080 contact us
Next 4 PB / month (5 PB) $ 0.080 contact us
Greater than 5 PB $ 0.080 contact us

There is no charge for inbound data transfer across all services in all regions. That means, you can upload petabytes of data without having to pay for inbound data transfer fees. On outbound transfer, you will save up to 68% depending on volume usage. For example, if you were transferring 10 TB in and 10 TB out a month, you will save 52% with the new pricing. If you were transferring 500 TB in and 500 TB out a month, you will save 68% on transfer with the new pricing.

Likewise, we are also pleased to announce that for our Content Delivery Network, Amazon CloudFront, were also lowering prices effective July 1, 2011. Weve added new pricing tiers in every region. Also, in the US and Europe, weve reduced data transfer pricing in every tier.

New Amazon CloudFront Regional Data transfer out prices for US and Europe (Effective July 1, 2011):

Previous Bandwidth Tiers Previous Price New Bandwidth Tiers New Price
First 10TB/ month $ 0.150 First 10TB / month $ 0.120
Next 40 TB / month (50 TB) $ 0.100 Next 40 TB / month (50 TB) $ 0.080
Next 100 TB / month (150 TB) $ 0.080 Next 100 TB / month (150 TB) $ 0.060
Next 100 TB / month (250 TB) $ 0.070 Next 350 TB / month (500 TB) $ 0.040
Next 250 TB / month (500 TB) $ 0.060
Next 250 TB / month (750 TB) $ 0.050 Next 524 TB / month (1 PB) $ 0.030
Next 250 TB / month (1 PB) $ 0.040
Greater than 1 PB $ 0.030 Next 4 PB / month (5 PB) $ 0.025
n/a Greater than 5 PB $ 0.020

As a result of this pricing, you will see a reduction in your costs of up to 43%, depending on how much data you transfer each month. Plus, Amazon CloudFront also offers Reserved Capacity pricing that gives you the opportunity to receive significant additional discounts if you know you will reach minimum usage levels each month. Contact us for details on Reserved Capacity pricing.

Just a few days ago, I was having a conversation with a customer, who is CIO of F500 company, regarding the number of times AWS has lowered the pricing and he said It makes me look so good in front of my CFO. When he [CFO] sees the savings in our AWS monthly bill, he thinks that it is me who is working hard on driving the costs down and increasing efficiency of the companys infrastructure. I get all the credit for all the hard work you guys are putting in.. – Yet another benefit of Cloud Computing.

The new version of the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator reflects this new pricing so feel free to estimate your costs again to see how much you will save due to these new lowered prices and feel free to take the credit!

For more information, read Werner’s blog post and new data transfer pricing page on our website.

Feel free to add a comment and share your cost-savings story with us!

— Jinesh



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