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AWS Week In Review – April 16, 2012

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I spent a week of vacation offline and managed to avoid email, web sites, and news feeds for the vast majority of the time. Now that I’m back, I thought I’d ease my way back in to blogging with a recap of last week’s events:

  • Monday, April 16th – We launched the AWS Partner Network (read Jinesh’s blog post to learn more).As Jinesh said, “This new global program is focused on providing members of the AWS partner ecosystem with the technical information, and sales and marketing support they need to accelerate their AWS-based businesses.”
  • Tuesday, April 17th – The CloudFormation team announced AWS CloudFormation Support for Microsoft Windows Server. With this launch you can now deploy MSI packages and files as well as run scripts and commands when you launch an Amazon EC2 instance running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Wednesday, April 18th – We launched the AWS Marketplace (read my blog post, written before my vacation, for more information). We’ve streamlined the discovery, deployment, and billing steps to make the entire process of finding and buying software quick, painless, and worthwhile for application consumers and producers.
  • Thursday, April 19th – The DynamoDB team introduced a new Batch Write feature,  streamlining the process of inserting additional data into a DynamoDB domain. The AWS Summit 2012 crew paid a visit to New York City, where thousands of attendees were able to hear from Werner Vogels, other members of the AWS Team, and a number of AWS customers. If you weren’t able to attend this summit, you can watch the keynote or sign up to attend in one of the nine other cities where we’ll conduct the Summit.

We have plenty more in store, so stay tuned!

— Jeff;


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