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The following newsletter was sent to the entire AWS developer community today (sections that were specific to an emailed newsletter have been removed). Most of the information in the newsletters has already been posted to this blog.

Amazon Web Services Newsletter #10 – January 13, 2005

Welcome to the latest edition of the Amazon Web Services Newsletter.

Today’s Topics:

  • ECS 3 Offering Type Issue
  • Newest Release of ECS Now Online
  • Amazon Web Services Blogs
  • Deprecating AWSProductData
  • Developer Conference

ECS 3 Offering Type Issue
As a result of some internal changes made by AWS on January 6th, ECS 3.0 began returning undocumented values for the OfferingType element. OfferingType began returning these undocumented values: “new”, “used”, “collectible” and “refurbished”. The error was resolved on January 10 and we have reverted back to documented values for OfferingType: “ThirdPartyNew”, “Used”, “Collectible” and

If you modified your application/script based on the undocumented values that ECS returned from January 6th to January 10th, youmay need to modify it to handle the correct documented values. If you have not changed your application/script, you do not need to do anything.

If you are using an application built by a third party, please consult with the developer of that application for further information.

Newest Release of ECS Now Online
A new release of ECS was pushed online earlier this month. The release notes can be found

This release includes full acccess to the OfferListingId, OfferingId, OfferListing and for non-US locales, access to the offer in the ThirdPartyProductDetails response group, access to the Health and Personal Care search index for the UK, and a number of bug fixes.

The same document also includes informaton on the release which went live at the end of December. That release included a number of bug fixes; please refer to the release notes for details.

Amazon Web Services Blogs
Members of the Amazon Web Services Developer Relations Team have been blogging to the Amazon Web Services Blog for the last couple of months. Right now we have two blogs:


The blogs contain information on new releases of AWS, productsbuilt with AWS, and links to articles that we believe will be of interest to the AWS developer community.

Contributions for the newsletter are always welcome; please send them to .

Deprecating AWSProductData
Some applications built during the early phases of the ECS 4 beta test used the value AWSProductData for the Service parameter. Applications using this value must be modified to use AWSECommerceService as soon as possible. Making this change will have no impact on how your requests to AWS behave. We plan to discontinue this non-production feature in the next few weeks.

Developer Conference
A number of well-known technologists and software developers will be coming to Seattle next week to take part in a conference for the software development community within Amazon. While we don’t have the facilities to accommodate anyone from outside of Amazon, we do want to give you the highlights of their talks. Therefore, we will be posting real-time transcripts of each talk on the AWS blog at, and we will also keep a chat session open for the entire two-day event so that you can pose questions to the speakers.


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