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Announcing Internet of Things (IoT) Hack Day at re:Invent

Are you familiar with the Internet of Things? Before too long, many of the devices in your life will be connected to the Internet and to the cloud on a full or part-time basis. They will generate a constant stream of position, condition, and sensor data and send it to the AWS Cloud for storage (S3 and DynamoDB), messaging (SNS), identity (Cognito), real-time processing (Kinesis), and analysis (Amazon Redshift and EMR).

For example, I have a Fuse plugged in to one of my vehicles. I plugged it in to the OBD port, configured my account, and was good to go. The device sends vehicle condition information (pulled from the OBD data) and position data (from its built-in GPS) to the cloud using a built-in cellular modem. I can easily track the position and condition of my car, regardless of which member of my family happens to be driving it.

IoT HackDay at re:Invent

We are very excited about the prospects for the Internet of Things. In order to help you to learn more, we will be conducting our first-ever Internet of Things HackDay at re:Invent. As a participant in this event you will learn how to build your first “Hello World” application on an AWS-connected device. After that you will spend the rest of the time conceptualizing, prototyping, and building your something cool and demo-worthy.

Our friends at Intel and Spark Labs will bring their latest microcontrollers and boards, along with a big pile of sensors, wires, LEDs, and breadboards to help you get started. Bring your laptop, your imagination and some good ideas; we’ll have plenty of geeky giveaways and plenty of fuel — snacks, coffee, and beer!

Space is limited and we can only accommodate 200 re:Invent attendees. To sign up, log in to your re:Invent account and add this event to your schedule. If you want to create a team ahead of time, register and then stand by for our pre-event survey. We’ll collect enough additional information at that time to put you together with your team.

Jeff & Jinesh;

PS – Don’t confuse this with the re:Invent Tatonka Challenge, which could also be thought of as the Internet of Wings.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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