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Latest Amazon ECS Release

Today Amazon released a minor update to Amazon E-Commerce Service, also known as Amazon ECS. The official version number for this release is 2007-08-27.

Overview of Changes

  • This release introduces the Baby search index in the DE locale
  • This release introduces the CustomerContentLookup operation in the DE, FR, JP, and UK locales
  • This release introduces the Video search index in the FR locale
  • The importrank sort value has been deprecated
  • Many new sort values have been added in the Music, Video, VHS, DVD, and Classical search indices
  • The subslot-availability sort value has been deprecated
  • Spelling correction in ItemSearch requests no longer works for the Classical, Music, DVD, Video, or VHS search indices

In addition, there are a handful of bug fixes, mostly related to how search results are returned. You can read about these in the AWS Resource Center at As I post this blog entry, the release notes are still being propogated to the website, so you may need to try periodically for a little while.

— Mike

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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