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I’m Matt Wood, and I’ve just joined Amazon Web Services as the new Technology Evangelist for Europe.

Before joining Amazon I built web-scale search engines at Cornell University in New York City (of which Amazon CTO Werner Vogels is a fellow alumni), document management systems in Cambridge and genes in Hinxton. At the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, I helped build the Institute’s next-generation, petabyte-scale DNA sequencing platform, which allows genomes to be sequenced in days rather than decades. I have a PhD in Bioinformatics, am a big fan of agile software techniques, once trained as a medical doctor and love cycling, film and Swedish indy music.

I’m interested in helping teams of all sizes take pragmatic steps to build highly available products and services. On demand infrastructure offers so many advantages in terms of agility, scale, security and cost to a wide range of industries: I can’t wait to start sharing real world stories and best practices with you all.

I couldn’t be more excited about joining the Amazon Web Services team, and I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the coming months, answering your questions and catching up on the awesome projects you’re building on AWS.

If you have any questions, speaking opportunities or are running one of the many European Amazon User Groups, feel free to drop me a line: mawood at amazon dot com.

~ Matt

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