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New – Daily Aggregated Price List notifications

Last year, AWS customers and partners were asking for a systematic way to retrieve prices for AWS services.  We answered the need by launching the AWS Price List API last December with pricing for thirteen (13) AWS services. The API provides pricing data in JSON and CSV format for download and enables customers to query for the prices of AWS services.  The Price List API also allows customers to receive price change updates via Amazon SNS notifications.

Expanding the AWS Price List API

Over last three months we have expanded the AWS Price List API service to provide pricing data for all of the AWS services.  Now customers that are doing cost analysis around building cloud-based solutions or moving on-premises workloads to the cloud have easier access to the comprehensive price list of AWS services. This will enable customer and partners to have greater control over the budgeting, forecasting and planning of their cloud solutions.
In addition to the expansion of the AWS Price List API, customers can sign up to receive notification around price cuts, new services and instance types. Upon subscribing to receive notifications, you can customize the timing of the receipt of the updates to be once a day or every time a price update occurs. If you choose to be notified once a day, the SNS notification will include all price changes applied during that day. Here’s a sample of an email notification that would be received upon subscribing to the price list API:

Let’s do a quick review of how to use the Price List API. First to access pricing information via the Price List API, you would download two types of files: Offer index file and Offer file. The Offer index file is available as a JSON file and lists the supported AWS services and the URL for the associated service Offer file. The Offer file lists the products and prices for a single AWS service and is available as either CSV or JSON file format. Both can be accessed via simple download links for an easy method to obtain the pricing data files.

You can get started today by using the price list API to obtain pricing data for any of the AWS services. With the expansion of the AWS Price List API to include all of the AWS Services, subscribing to the price list API is a great way to keep up to date on the latest AWS cuts prices and get introductions to new services.

To learn more about the AWS Price List API and get to more information on how to subscribe to API notifications, check out the previous AWS Blog post introducing the service and the Using the AWS Price List API documentation.

– Tara

Tara Walker

Tara Walker

Tara was a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, dedicating her time to help developers build apps, games, and technical solutions in the AWS cloud. Tara worked on evangelizing AWS cloud computing architectures and development for various technologies like Mobile, Gaming, IoT, AI, Serverless just to name a few. Tara’s background is as a software engineer & developer who has worked on wide-ranging development platforms and systems while leveraging a myriad of development languages across her various technical and engineering roles. Over her 20+ year career, she has been employed by Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner, Georgia Pacific, and various other Fortune 500 companies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, and currently working on her Master’s degree in Computer Science (MSCS) at Georgia Institute of Technology. Tara's passion is to continue spreading the “good news” to diverse audiences about a plethora of technologies, development languages, and frameworks with a focus and proficiency in: - Cloud computing and Serverless architectures - IoT (Internet of Things) development - Mobile, Game, and Web development - Artificial Intelligence services and frameworks - NUI (Natural User Interfaces) & Biometric Interface service frameworks - Cross-Platform development frameworks You can find Tara on Twitter at @taraw.